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  1. roadmaster

    Anyone ever heard of Ranger/Rangerette bicycles?

    So I have a late 50's to perhaps late 60's mystery bicycle that may possibly be a Ranger or Rangerette (since it is a step thru frame). I never heard of this brand and don't know if it is it's own manufacturer or made by someone else. My regular camera isn't working and was only able to post...
  2. roadmaster

    $10,000 unicycle...!?!

    So while deleting a few of my CL adds, I came across an ad for a $10,000 crappy unicycle. !?! I would link it to you guys, but I am beyond novice on a computer, so check it out on CL siskiyou county, CA under bikes. Wish I coulda shared more. :roll: Seems a bit pricey... :lol:
  3. roadmaster

    My oldest bike yet!

    While lurking on my local CL the other night, I came across this hot mess of a Schwinn cruiser, make offer. So I offerd $35 cuz they knew it was a Schwinn and the last guy locally in town had a similar Schwinn cruiser with alot of other parts, but was a 74 and wanted $150 at least. :lol: . The...
  4. roadmaster

    Schwinn ser# help please. a 52 or???

    So this is the Schwinn I bought off local CL yesterday, a freshfind, but i'm not sure bout what year it is. According to the Schwinn ser# chart, my # C18504 on the left rear dropout puts it as either a 52', a 56' or a 57' as all those years cover C00001-C99999. Numberical logic puts it...
  5. roadmaster

    Schwinn Alert!

    So I got off work today and there was a text message on my phone, "Schwinn alert! Come down to my shop!" sent from my long time friend and owner of the towns only bike shop (for now). So I get down to his shop, a mile down my street and this is what i saw in his bike rack, parked next to a...
  6. roadmaster

    The Fixie and the Fastback...

    Up untill a few weeks ago, both of these are variations of bikes that I have never owned or even riden (had a 20" lowrider fastback some years ago, though). I have made a cruiser trike with a 26" cruiser frame and trike kit rear end, a 21 speed trail cruiser out of a 82 Columbia Clipper (Big...
  7. roadmaster

    So, has anyone seen one of these?

    I have had this old 80's (actually a 1980 from what a friend of mine told me) AMF labled 10 speed stick shifter laying around in one of my parts boxes for about a year and the other day I was gonna start taking it apart and making a custom stick shifter for something else. While I was diggin...
  8. roadmaster

    Opening my own shop

    So after 20years experience working, building and tinkering on bikes, with the financial support of my landlord and good friend, I am opening up my own repair shop! Got my sellers license application on its way, going in for my business license tommorow and once I get those two things in the...
  9. roadmaster

    "Big Nasty"

    So, what does a guy like me who loves old cruisers and rat rods (name drop :wink: ) ride when he (or she) wants to go and play... OFF ROAD? "Big Nasty" started as a 82' Columbia Clipper single speed cruiser i've had since like 1992 and had rebuilt it into a 3speed offroader, 3speed roadster and...
  10. roadmaster

    Left hand drive cruiser. Anyone ever?

    I have my itch again to build a leftside drive (chainring, chain, etc all on left side) cruiser with a fixed hub. Anyone ever do this before? Gonna use a 83' Huffy frame for this at first.
  11. roadmaster

    64' Merideth

    Got this cruiser in a bundle for some other bikes, kinda a throw me in of the deal. When I read th echainguard, i've never heard of a Merideth, but by looks of the frame and chainring alone, it was an obviously a Columbia built bike, and following Columbia's ser# chart, I found this to be a...
  12. roadmaster

    Finding these bikes are a breeze

    ...Or at least the last one I found was a Breeze. I text messaged my friend/owner of the LBS about my whitewall tires I ordered months ago (for my mini trike) and he responded back, "Got ya another Schwinn, old school, $10." I obviously sent a OMW (on my way) response and rode my tow bike down...
  13. roadmaster

    Better with whitewalls?

    So at one time I had whitewall tires on my Point Beach, but decided to put on the factory blackwalls back on. Today, got bored of it and threw different whitewalls on this time. Personally, I think it looks alot better. What do you guys think? (whitewalls staying on reguardless, I just want...
  14. roadmaster

    Dude rides like a lady

    So, after a few attempts to find the "right" bike for my wife, i've gone thru a good handfull of "girl's bikes" or step thru framed bikes. Tried a few classic 60's cruisers and no bite, so I figured i'd get her a new 7speed cruiser bike off line. I had one chose out and onit's way to me when...
  15. roadmaster

    brake pads and painted alloy rims

    ... So can you all see where I am going with this? Does anyone know of a brand of linear pull brake shoes/pads that don't suck or more importantly scream or squel when used on alum wheels (26") with brand new factory painted rims? the wife is getting a new Schwinn Clairmont 7speed cruiser, to...
  16. roadmaster

    Getting weird CL vibes on my bike

    So a very long story, short. I am selling my 95' Specialized Hardrock AX hardtail on CL for $275, but made this guy a deal for $250. Only recieved text messages or emails from this "guy" (lets call him scott) saying he lives in Ohio, is on the sea off the coast of California and wants to buy...
  17. roadmaster

    New & old skool Schwinns

    My Schwinn cruiser collection. Two new, two old. Two single speed and two multi speed. (left to right) 78' Klunker (or Spitfire, one or the other :roll: ) 5speed cruiser. 62' Heavy Duti American single speed cruiser, my very first cruiser I bought in 93' and the bike i've had the longest...
  18. roadmaster

    60' Schwinn World project

    Being on my Schwinn kick latley, I brought this one up from my storage down south. This was originally a dump find about 15 years ago. I think I paid like $10 bucks for it and got a whole bunch of other parts at the same time. So I had parted it out, let it sit then built it up to this...
  19. roadmaster

    The devil made me buy it... and pictures at last!

    So I had last told you guys last week that I had given in to temptation and bought a Schwinn Breeze from Walmart on-line (because my local Walmart is partial to ordering Cranbrooks :( ) and told you that when I had picked it up and put it together, i'd shoot some pictures your way. So, here it...
  20. roadmaster

    Any non-revo Nexus 3spd shifters out there?

    I got what I call, in the big scheme of things, a very minor issue. Id love to replace the handgrips on my Torker Boardwalk, but i would have to cut one of the grips to fit properly with the stock revo-shifter (grip shift). With no brake levers, I realize I could just slide the shifter further...