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  1. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    So, another nice story of me getting a vintage American bike in Europe is here :) First of all, yes, i do have unfinished projects, but this one is different! (Ha-ha, but true this time) I was not intending to buy it, but i saw an ad on dutch Marktplaats with this photos: The ad said 1950's...
  2. Starnger

    Nice pedal car restoration video from Russia. Lots of chemistry tips inside!

    I was recommended to watch this by some friends and man, didn't regret it for a second. Very well done production-wise and also rich for some craftsmanship tips.
  3. Starnger

    Project "Firebolt" life after BO

    Hello everyone! Here i want to continue my building thread from Build Off 16 and finish the project i have started but did not manage to finish in time. Here is the link for the original thread.
  4. Starnger

    ID help needed, 20" girls bicycle, probably Murray?

    Hello everyone! Someone wrote me on Facebook asking to ID his vintage American bike. I immediately thought of Murray, since this is a very specific tube connection they used. But then there are more pictures: Somebody used New Departure C coaster tab with the D hub shell? The drop-outs...
  5. Starnger

    Project "Firebolt"

    Hello everybody! I was unsure weather or not take part in this year build-off, since honestly this year is tough with free time and resources. However i came up with an idea to finish one project i was planning and preparing for a while ago. I am going to build an electric bike. Mid motor, with...
  6. Starnger


    Hi everybody! Another score! Every next old American bike i buy here makes me surprised how did it come here. This time i bought a Murray Monterey in fairly good condition, paid about 150 bucks shipped. I know for USA that would be a rather high price for that bike, but here where i am i think...
  7. Starnger

    Project 346 Good Old Days Cruiser

    Starting a build thread for the bike i've made for BO15. Still lots of ideas to be brought to life with this project. In fact i love the outcome so much i even got myself another ladies 346 cruiser frame to make a similar mod to it later. But for now i want to start this thread by some nice...
  8. Starnger

    1962 AMF Roadmaster Skylark (Wait, what? Yet another Roadmaster?!)

    Hello everyone! Yes, yet another Roadmaster i got! This time it is a ladies bike and it is for a friend of mine, so i promise to finish this one soon :D I had to use this chance, since it was sold in the Netherlands and not for too much money. The bike appears to be completely original, though i...
  9. Starnger

    1998 Roadmaster (yes, yet another one!)

    Hello folks! Ones of you who do follow my builds a little bit could laugh, but here we go again. I am starting my third Roadmaster before finishing the first two ('51 and '47) Some of the few reasons (excuses i make for myself) for that are: i really fell in love with Roadmasters those bikes...
  10. Starnger

    1963 Schwinn Corvette "The Honey Rolla" - Finished

    Hi folks! Here is my 1963 Corvette finished! Started as this: With lots of help from community and long waiting times on parts delivery! Thanks to @Karate Chicken Industries and @KevinM for the parts for this build! Featuring: - original fork, frame, headset, seatpost clamp - stainless...
  11. Starnger

    Project 346 Good Old Days Cruiser - Finished (or is it?)

    Hey folks :) I didn't manage to fulfill all my ideas and aspirations in this build yet, but i have made a really nice and comfortable bike that is totally rideable (about a 100 miles distance covered already). Here is a before photo: Features Project 346 Cruiser modified frame, CWC Shock...
  12. Starnger

    BO15 Project 346 Good Old Days Cruiser

    Hello again everybody! Hope you are having a nice day full of joy ;) I was not planning to jump on class 2 build, and honestly i am pretty sure i won't manage to finish the bike in time. But i will at least try to make it rideable. And here is why i have decided to do it anyway. My school moves...
  13. Starnger

    1947 CWC "Rat Master"

    Hello everyone! First of all, yes, i know this name was used probably a thousand times for rat look CWC builds :D But it just fits so well, i don't see why should i stop from having it :D However, before i have finished with my first Roadmaster i already got my second. That's what you call bike...
  14. Starnger

    BO15 1963 Schwinn Corvette "The Honey Rolla"

    Hello RRB people! Much is going on in my life lately, but i think i can spare some time for this year build-off :) Because of a virus i can't use my schools workshop at the moment, so i am not signing for class 2 for now. I hope if something changes i still might! I have a really cool project i...
  15. Starnger

    Coppertone Schwinn Corvette chainguard

    Hi everyone! I am looking to buy a Coppertone Schwinn chainguard similar to that one. Preferably Corvette (not a 5 speed one), but if it would say Jaguar or Panther on it, i won't mind too. I'd be happy if it won't be too expensive and if you may ship it to Europe :) Thanks everyone and have a...
  16. Starnger

    Wanted CWC Roadmaster chain guard

    Hello! I am looking for a chain guard of a similar style: Any condition or color would do, original or reproduction. Thank you :)
  17. Starnger

    Wanted CWC fender reflector

    Hello everyone! I am looking for an original CWC fender reflector like that: Any year, any color, any condition works for me. Also just a housing without a reflector itself would be prefect for me. Cheaper is better :D
  18. Starnger

    1987 Schwinn Heavy Duti

    Hello everyone! Just scored this 1980 Heavy Duti for 80 euro from Germany (less then 100$), and paid another 60 for delivery. As far as i know, that was the first year for them to be made in Asia, not Chicago, please correct me if i'm wrong. Anyway, the bike quality is awesome, 40 years old...
  19. Starnger

    WBO Project Oldboy - Finished

    Hello everyone! Finally finished with this one :) This is a BMX bike i built based on El Gordo lowrider frame and using 2001 Dyno Air as a donor bike. Before pics: Featuring: - Original GT Mags - 1980's NOS Saddle - Reproduction Pretzel bars - GT Piston stem - 1980's NOS Landar seatpost clamp...
  20. Starnger

    1951 CWC Roadmaster

    Hello everyone! I have long waited for it and it happened! Just bought this 51 CWC frame from ebay, happy to finally join the club! It is going to be a fun project! As much as i wish to restore it to original condition, i'd have to compromise often because of parts availability. I live in...