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  1. LowNSlow

    Just finished these two up! Schwinn Middle-Weight muscle bikes.....sorta!

    These are a couple bikes I just finished up for myself and the wife! We got these early Schwinns (hers a '59 and mine a '62) at a local estate sale nearly 3 years ago (only $50 each too!)! I let them sit for a while, but finally got around to their final restorations. It's a his and hers...
  2. LowNSlow

    Looking for 24" Jerald Sulky tire!!

    Does anyone out there happen to have a 24" Jerald Sulky tire in their stash that you think you'll never use? I'm looking for one for a current project. Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with, or if you know someone that you could point me towards that has one they're willing to...
  3. LowNSlow

    WANTED: TRM Convertible Tank

    Looking for a TRM convertible tank. Does anyone have one they bought but never used? I have a project that I just picked up that I'd love to use one on! Thanks in advance!
  4. LowNSlow

    1949 Girls Schwinn build questions

    Alright knowledgeable forum gurus....I'm looking to build a matching girls version of my recent Schwinn straight bar build for my wife. I have a perfect 26" 1949 blank Schwinn girls frame in original paint as the starting point, but I have a few questions. Did a '49 like this come with a skip...
  5. LowNSlow

    Latest build '57 Flying Star

    I call this build the "E-Town Bomber". I live in Enid, Oklahoma, and found the frame right here so.....yeah, you get it. And, my inspiration for this build was the WWII P-38 Lightning. I think the straight bar tanks look like the central cockpit nacelle on P-38s and I went for a nice stripped...
  6. LowNSlow

    First Anual Enid, Oklahoma Vintage Bike show - 17 August

    This is the Asphalt Apes of Northwest Oklahoma's first annual Vintage Bicycle show! Check out the flyer for all the details. It's going to be a FULL DAY of bicycle related events in downtown Enid! Come out and join us, bring a bike...or seven while you're at it!! :wink: :shock: :D Jay H.
  7. LowNSlow

    26" rim questions

    OK, I'm on a roll so I'm going to pose another question for the experts. I'm hoping to run a 26" x 1.75" tire up front and a 26" x 3" tire in the rear of my next project bike. Any suggestion for tires that match, or at least mostly match in that range. Also, and maybe most importantly, a...
  8. LowNSlow

    Columbia Newsboy springer retro-fit

    OK all you experts, I just got a new frame, it seems it's a mid '50s 26" Columbia Newsboy. My biggest question is this, it looks to have a 5.5" head-tube (without bearing cups) and I want to know if there's a springer front end of any kind that will "bolt-on"? Of course if I'm going to have to...
  9. LowNSlow

    new find from today...told it was a Schwinn- don't think so

    Well, I've been looking for an inexpensive project for my son and I came across this today. I picked it up cause it was cheap and figured regardless of brand, I could likely put something half way decent together for him with it. Does anyone out there know what it might be? It has the misfortune...
  10. LowNSlow

    Monark springer repair questions

    I hope this is the right place for this. I have a 24" Monark SD rat that I'm finishing up. I had actually performed what I hoped was the final assembly a few days ago, but for some reason the springer on the front didn't seem to be behaving correctly. When I did a full mock-up prior to paint...
  11. LowNSlow

    help me find these handlebars!

    I hope this is in the right spot! This image is from the "rat rod bikes" section of the "Gallery" here on the site and I wanted to know if anyone could help me find out what type, and or where to find a set of these handlebars. Thanks in advance for any and all help!! Jay H.
  12. LowNSlow

    Testing: Looking to possibly sell Dyno Roadster

    Alright bike aficionados....I have an original Dyno Roadster that I'm thinking of selling to fund some new projects. Is there any interest out there for these bikes? I don't see any on "The Bay" currently, but I do see plenty of very similar bikes of newer manufacture. The bike is basically dead...
  13. LowNSlow

    neck for a '59 Schwinn cruiser

    OK, first post here, so go easy on me. I own a '59 Schwinn cruiser (middleweight), and I have a question about the neck. I love the patina it has, so replacing it with a new piece would be disappointing, but doable if necessary. I have added a new wedge to the bottom of the stem, and am able to...