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  1. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    I'll let you know how it works. The cool thing is that this can be added to any ND Model D coaster brake from what I can tell. I don't think they're all that common though. It does put the hub off center enough that the wheel needs to be 'dished' when laced which I'm not sure I have the...
  2. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    So I saw this for sale on the Cabe and couldn't resist. Figured the gears may come in handy and I've always liked the New Departure shifters. This Triplspeed is something I've never seen before, some of you are probably familiar with them. Three speed coaster brake with a huge rear...
  3. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Yeah I think I might leave them a little long and take it for a few rides before making the final cuts.
  4. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    I should have paid more attention. The light I may use is also the same light. :) It looks like the bikes will have similar seat/BB/handlebar relationships. Do you put many miles on yours and if so has it been pretty comfortable? BTW I just checked out your facebook link. Great bikes there...
  5. bruce

    schwinn twinn questions

    I have quite a few tandems, two are Schwinn Twinns. It looks to me that the fork on yours is the larger size fork which would fit the S7's not the smaller rims that came on the bikes in 1977. Also if the green paint is original I think that was from earlier years also. Sellers often get the...
  6. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    So I modified the bender and managed to fit the bars into the frame and get them tweaked a bit. And added some bar ends. Bent out to widen the stance and make them more comfortable. The goal really is to be able to ride this comfortably for a couple of hours at a time. Hopefully it...
  7. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Too bad I probably couldn't wheelie to save my life.:( But the center of gravity is certainly shifting off of the front wheel.
  8. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Have any of you guys bent bars with a conduit bender? They don't need much probably just about a 10 degree tweak. I have the cheap hydraulic bender from Harbor Freight but really can't get these bars into the frame. I suppose the frame could be modified.
  9. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Got the seatpost figured out. The hardware attachment to the seat tube is a bit clunky but it will end up being covered by some sheet metal in the end. The other hardware bits will need to be blued before final assembly, but it's stout. A long cantilever and no flex at all. Looks like I...
  10. bruce

    "BLACKJACK" MiniVelo FatBike BUILD. (New owner, new progress soon!)

    Really looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  11. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Making a little progress on the seat post. More parts due in today or tomorrow. Trying to post a photo directly from the phone. Hopefully it works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    A few things in common for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. bruce

    *** Blue Arrow & Minnehaha >>>>>>>>>>DONE

    Extraordinary build.
  14. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Over the past year I was able to find both the pie crust guard and the Streamliner seat. At first I thought I might use another seat on this build but after trying a couple a few days ago the Streamliner definitely looks best to me. This one has a nice slope off the back so I thought it might...
  15. bruce

    Custom Diamondback "JOKER" ~~DONE, FINISHED, CONCLUDED!~~

    Super excited about this bike Luke.
  16. bruce

    1945 Elgin

    Those two top bars are really nice. A little twist on classic lines.
  17. bruce

    Etta ( completed front fork with assembly and a mock-up!)

    Glad to know you're riding and you didn't get hurt.
  18. bruce

    Two Way Tandem

    The rear steer tandems are tough enough to steer, this is going to be a real adventure to ride. Pretty cool.:)
  19. bruce


    Glad to hear the paint is staying.
  20. bruce

    DRAG KING ___Raceliner Dragster___

    I'm late to the party so just getting to check out some of the builds. Phenomenal...