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  1. BDC

    Goldblum on bikes.

    Maybe old news but I watched 'The World According to Jeff Goldblum' episode on bicycles and it was great. Worth a look if you can stream it.
  2. BDC

    Big Ripper for the fleet.

    Saw a great price online for a new SE Racing Big Ripper and couldn't help myself. Placed the order today. I have been coveting one of these for quite a while. I'll post some pics when it gets here - it's coming from interstate - hopefully mid next week. I've got some taller bars, a lay-back...
  3. BDC

    My Bikes with a New Go Pro

    I'm working my way through learning the different settings on the new Go Pro 10 Black I just got. So I used a Fat model for practice.
  4. BDC

    That Murphy can be a nuisance.

    I took on board some sage RRB wisdom recently when I read in a thread on here somewhere that the best way to align tyres with graphics on a wheel was to put the inflation recommendations next to the valve. 'Brilliant' I say. 'Of course!' So when the 'Boss's' summer boots arrived by courier...
  5. BDC

    MULGA BILL'S BICYCLE by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson

    An Aussie classic for ya's. ------------------ 'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze; He turned away the good old horse that served him many days; He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen; He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine...
  6. BDC

    Swamp dog

    Not really a swamp - more of a storm water retention area near the park - but the dog loves a romp in the rain and we're having a wet autumn in Brisbane. So i 'winterised' the fat bike - not that it actually gets very cold here either - but the slicks and apes came off and the off-road shoes...
  7. BDC

    Why I like 2 sets of brakes ...

    on my bikes. Just now:
  8. BDC

    Painted my Chrome bars

    And it worked just fine. Couldn't find decent apes in black locally so I bought a chrome set. Gave them a good sanding with 160grit sanding pads/scourers till they came up like brushed steel finish, hit them with 2 coats of grey Etch Primer and 2 coats of Rattle can gloss black with a light sand...
  9. BDC

    Saturday Evening Dash

    I love it when a plan comes together. Even better when the lime tree in the back yard is pumping.
  10. BDC

    Sigh ... waiting for parts to arrive.

    I've ordered these wheel covers from So far they have been in transit for 9 days and haven't left Germany yet. So I photoshopped the product shot off the web site onto my bike to see what they might look like. If this is close they will be worth the wait.
  11. BDC

    Locked down in Brisbane.

    I can leave the house to exercise - on a bike, in a mask - but other than that it's stay home for Dave. Fortunately I have my garage happy place that's full of treasure. :cool:
  12. BDC

    Postcards from my Garage

  13. BDC

    New apes on Str8

    The goal with this build has always been to try and 'upscale' the Dragster of my childhood, to make a bike that works for the 6'5" guy that kid grew into. (Any 'growing up' is definitely yet to occur however.) A monster low rider sort-of. New 20" x 30" apes put the grips right at shoulder...
  14. BDC

    Brisbane's Wynnum-Manly Foreshore

    A lunchtime cruise on the STR around the foreshore near my place in Brisbane. Beautiful spring day - 27c/80f. iPhone pics on an Osmo 4 Mobile Gimbal:
  15. BDC

    Wear a helmet. Seriously.

    I had a major face plant on my fat bike yesterday. I hit something slippery crossing on to a path, possibly radiator coolant, and before I could react I was kissing the pavement. Hard. Lost some skin, got some cuts and bruises - but nothing serious. That's only because I was wearing a good...
  16. BDC

    New pedals on Str8 - and a camera lens.

    I got some funky new pedals from for the Str8. I've been getting ready for show and shine in November and it's getting pretty close to done. I'm down to the small detail stuff now.
  17. BDC

    Returning the helmet.

    I ordered a Large. They sent a Small. Oh well - off to the Post Office to return it. Beautiful Spring Day in Brisbane so we hooked up the rig and had a fine time of it. My Pal was keen for a sniff (and two poops). Job done.
  18. BDC

    24" or 29" Front Wheel?

    24" or 29" front wheel on the Str8- what do ya reckon looks best? Got a new disc brake hub for the 24". It only takes 60 seconds to change 'em with the hex skewers. I like the 29" - but there isn't enough rake on the Electra frame to get the chopper sort-of look I was hoping for with the bigger...
  19. BDC

    Fat So?

    The idea is it's a Beach Cruiser that I can ride to, from and on the beach.
  20. BDC

    Tonight's S8 tinkering.

    Made some frame protectors from an old motorcycle fork gaiter - which required relocating the headlight - and I messed with the livery. Wheeled it out onto the driveway and grabbed my camera. Still got a few jobs to do on it - but the 29" front has come together nicely. It's the Monster Low...