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    springer/suspension type forks?

    haven't seen a thread for them (unless it's in another section. point me to it please if so). i need an idea. just picked up my favorite type of mountain bike to get rear suspensions from and need an idea for the front if i don't find something myself here soon (love to find something crazy...
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    Your Favorite Current Production Bike?

    i think now i'd also add a basman to my list. also, not a particular one, 'cause i don't know a thing about them, but i think if i could, i'd like to have some kind of free ride mountain bike. i think because i just like bikes with suspension and a bike with that much just kinda fascinates me.
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    did/does pork chop bmx make a chopper?

    i can't see whats on facebook at work, but the one youthgeye posted is it. thanks. i haven't been much interested in the build off. guess i'll have to look through it some, or if someone knows the name so i can go right to it. thanks again.
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    did/does pork chop bmx make a chopper?

    been looking at this bike off and on for a few weeks and decided to buy it for a new project. i kinda half noticed it said "pork chopper" but i wasn't really thinking about it 'til i brought it on the way to work just now. i haven't seen one like it. not that it's really special (i plan to cut...
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    2005/2006 Schwinn Manta Ray & Stingrays from Walmart

    i looked up these pics when i got mine. i remembered it from the old schwinn forums. there was also a guy who put a spoiler fork on his. i've also seen the pics on the bike forums in the alt bikes section. i think he was called sideshowbob? i know they're roomier than a black friday krate. i...
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    So cool owning a vintage bike!

    they are if you're selling it at the flea market. i was wandering through one day and stopped to look at a bike that had huffy written all over it. the guy said it was a schwinn, and pointed at the schwinn seat on it.
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    with friends like that... did you give it to him, or did he buy it from you. that would factor in some for me. in any event, i think i'd tell him you have it before you do anything to it. just to have it on the table. i don't know y'all's relationship to know how awkward it could be if he...
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    glad you got it back. that's one thing i'm liking about the internet and photobucket. i have a pic of most of my bikes, even some from beginning to end (not to mention some so unusual that no one's going to be able to claim to have ended up with one just like it). someone else would have a hard...
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    Buyer Beware....Walmart Chain Tool

    i finaly got a small park chain breaker last weekend. i used it more times in that couple days than i've ever got out of any bell chain breaker i've brought. seems like i'm always broke, so i'd run over to walmart and buy their $5 one (also much closer to me that any bike shop), get a couple...
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    What is burning man???

    it looks more "interesting", but still gave me flashbacks to living in a tent city when i was in the military.
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    Your chain guard opinions please

    not sure how you'd work out the flow of it, but i think if i left it long i'd try to figure out how to attatch an exhaust tip.
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    that's good. i had gave up looking for them. even if you asked someone there they didn't know what you were talking about. what's kind of crazy is, now it shows which local store it's in, but the closest is a little town about 30mls away, while i'm in the largest city in the state (16th largest...
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    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    i got it compleat, but pretty well beat up at a thrift store. truthfully i'm not much into bmx, i just saw the bike and thought it looked like a big bmx bike (yep, some projects start just like that). been doing an "as i luck upon them" parts accumulation, but probaly finding a back wheel i want...
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    Lets See Those 26" BMX Styled Cruiser Builds

    been holding on to this one for such a project. big boi bmx haven't decided on a back wheel/drive train, and the bottom bracket is stuck/frozen on. sooner or later though.
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    sorry it wasn't clearer. i was just tagging an idea onto another idea. your stock bike has two rear caliper brakes. bikecollectordave was showing you the rear suspension setup and mentioned it may put the wheel out of position for the stock brakes to work. what i showed is a spin on drum...
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    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    the last couple i experimented with. trying the mountain bike shock thing since i've made them i've had both break on me 2-3 times. i think because the pivot points are lined up right behind each other (instead of more like a triangle on a regular springer seat) the rocking back and...
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    if you took it that far and were able to hunt one up. you could try this wouldn't be exactly the same, but still both levers would go to the rear brake. i have one on my remake attempt at my old 24" spyder. i've only seen a few with two cable stops, but if there were room on a regular one...
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    Heavy Duty Springer forks

    i've done this on a few of mine. whatever i could find at the hardware store small enough to wind into the stock spring, but stiff enough to help. i think i showed a pic once before, but this is a black springer i got recently, so the small spring is easier to see.
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    Where to find front end.

    i agree. if you wanted to stay with a 26" rear, i think i'd look around for a 22" front. you don't see them too often but they exist, and would be more proportional to a 26" rear. there'd also be the fork. i think a stingray krate uses a 24" fork, so with a 24" bike a 26" springer fork with the...
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    24" Sears Spyder found

    i had one of those long ago. it was a favorite rider because of the size.