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  1. bruce

    Hawthorne Twin Bar (2)

    Guys sorry I've been absent for a while but life's been busy. Still is actually but I started checking out the build off and got some motivation to start putting together a bike that's been sitting around for about a year now. I got this Hawthorne Twin Bar last summer. I felt like I had a...
  2. bruce

    16" Higgins Build

    This won't be a true build post as I've finished the bike before starting the post, but I did take some shots along the way and will post some now. I put this together for one of my nephews. I did another one a few years ago for a different nephew and he's really into the bike so hopefully...
  3. bruce

    16" Huffman-Some final shots

    Here are a few more shots, actually maybe more than a few more... And a few good memories. This has been a great time. Thanks to all of you especially those who encouraged me early on. My daughter is threatening to jump into next year's build BTW, so we all better...
  4. bruce

    16" Huffman-Final shots posted

    I've never entered a build before but it's time to get this little frame put together. One of my favorite things about kids' bikes is how the proportions get super muscly since they use the same bottom bracket, head tube and rim widths. So the starting point is this Huffman frame, looks like...
  5. bruce

    sort of like a cycle truck

    check out these photos, mostly of tricycles. not super ratty but really great i think.
  6. bruce

    20" Girls Roadmaster

    Just put this together for one of my kids. I liked the color of the house paint job so much I ended up keeping a lot of it. I think that a nice bit of pinstriping would set it off nicely. Are any of you pinstripers in Los Angeles? For now the seatpost is just a '7' reversed but I think that...
  7. bruce

    steering tube thread size?

    Most bikes seem to take the same size hardware at the top of the steering tube. Does anyone know what thread/diameter size this is and if dies are available? I would like to extend the threads slightly on a fork instead of cutting and shortening and rewelding the steering tube if possible...
  8. bruce

    Just registered

    I've looked at the site for at least a year. I'm still not sure I will have much to add but I do like old bikes and tend to prefer the customized ones to the others. My collection is around two dozen bikes, pretty varied from pre-war to some StingRays to a few rats. I have kids so like both...