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  1. Starnger

    Disc Brakes on Older Murray?

    Just weld on a brake tab and don't forget to reinforce the frame ;) Otherwise i am not sure disc brake is really needed, bolt-on solutions have a lot of flex, so caliper brake would do as good.
  2. Starnger

    3" tire on 86mm rim

    No problem, they will fit.
  3. Starnger

    Rat Rod Bikes Build Off #17: Let's Go!!

    I'm in this year too! Still not sure what i will be building, but probably i am in for both class. My friends and i are having this idea to build a oldschool chopper for their kid for a while, so maybe class 2 entry will be this. With class 1 it would be harder since i have a lot of builds i...
  4. Starnger

    Boardtracker / Antique motorcycle style bicycle build

    Looks really nice, great job! I usually solve the pedal/front fender issue the other way around. Instead of installing shorter cranks (i am a tall guy myself, so 170 is the minimum i wish to have to pedal comfortably really) i am using forks with more offset. I like how they steer, and fixing...
  5. Starnger

    show us your chick bikes heres mine

    That's a 1949 bike i believe, not 1950's :)
  6. Starnger

    Before & After Pics

    Nice job! I particularly like how the saddle turned out.
  7. Starnger

    SOLD felt rockstar frameset

    I have a NOS Propaganda seat if someone would be interested ;)
  8. Starnger

    Electra Ghost Rider Build

    If you want to build one the same way as i do - here is a list. Of course you can use different ways and components, i am just sharing the ones i have experience with. You are going to need: - 1w or 3w power LED - 18650 power elements or similar (for example flat 4,2v battery packs) - LM2596...
  9. Starnger

    Electra Ghost Rider Build

    Hm, not really. But i am going to build one soon and i can film a video if you want.
  10. Starnger

    Electra Ghost Rider Build

    That's a standard headlight from aliexpress, rebuilt inside to run a 4v 3w LED instead of a stock 12v halogen. Feel free to ask me anything, good luck with your build ;)
  11. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    Thank you for making them! I am very happy from all of them i got from you and looking forward to get more once i run out of the last batch i got :)
  12. Starnger

    Headset reducer?

    The ISO standard names for external cup (EC) headsets: EC30 is for common (euro) 1" headset, cup fitting diameter is 30mm EC33 is for USA 1", vintage cruisers and bmx, some Dyno cruisers and your bike, cup fitting diameter is 32,5mm EC34 is for 1-1/8", all those modern bikes, cup fitting...
  13. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    The progress as documented for 5th of March. I was preparing the bike to exhibit at Kustomhead show in Wroclaw. Got the seat from '63 Murray powder coated. I've welded up the broken spring, and after the bike done a few miles (took a little ride after exhibition) it broke off unfortunately, so...
  14. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    It is Hammerite hammer paint. I love how it turned out too. On the background you can see the bike painted same color :) Still some work to do. Need a custom nut for the thrust bearing for the spindle axle, put some engine, fabricate a frame. But most restoration work is over.
  15. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    Here are some before photos: And here is how it looks at this moment, after about a month of restoration: It's a small machine, no auto feed, but will do for many purposes, for sure it will be way better then no lathe at all :)
  16. Starnger

    Tires? Who do we like to replace OEM tires?

    I've got KK Super Slicks in flawless condition, also CST made NOS whitewall tires Goodyear pattern. Can sell both if you want ;)
  17. Starnger

    Boardtracker / Antique motorcycle style bicycle build

    Great progress! Though something with that stem is not quite in place in my humble opinion. Maybe a bigger stem? Maybe put it lower? In now looks kind of slim for a bike with such wide tubes.
  18. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    I've tried working with acid recently, but with Phosphoric acid. It is stronger so allows you to get great results fast, but also that means it is more aggressive, and it eats away chrome and other coatings. Maybe Oxalic acid will be next on my list. The work on the bike had slowed down lately...
  19. Starnger

    Boardtracker / Antique motorcycle style bicycle build

    Awesome color! That bike on the reference pic is in my town :) I have a photo of one of my bikes on the same background :)
  20. Starnger

    Boardtracker / Antique motorcycle style bicycle build

    Looks awesome! Is that a color you are planning to go for or just a tryout?