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    Found this article about a local built rare motorcycle. Found this article and thought I'd share it. It is a rare 1911 Kokomo motorcycle. Made right here in my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana. Thought many of you here could pull some...
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    FBBO (fat bike build off) Outskirtscustoms

    This will be my entry into the fat bike build off. I got it broken down to it's elements and the paint is flying. Here's a sneak peek. One crank arm refused to come off so I just taped and bagged it.
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    Anyone care to do a fat bike winter build off?

    Ok anyone up to a challenge? I want to do a winter build off fat bike style! 5 simple rules: 1. Must be completed by April 1st 2021 - should be plenty of time. 2. Tires... must be 2.5 inches wide or wider for rear tire, front I'll leave to your discretion. As long as it has fat tire in the...
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    New trail video

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    Two pair and a random diamond

    Diamondback that is! Was out cruising over to my storage unit to install the new radio in my Sunfire and I spotted a yard sale sign. Turns out it was a fundraiser for our local humane society (animal shelter). I see a few bikes and stuff so I stopped. Bought this awesome chrome Diamondback bmx...
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    Getting out for a ride.

    Got out for my first ride in months this evening. It felt good to get back on the bike and put some miles on it. Rode to the local park along some really beautiful bike trails they've recently redone so I am going to be getting some sweet video as soon as my camera mount comes in the mail. We...
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    A sweet trade!

    Well I was at work like any other day and I get a customer that came in on bike for spray paint. I got to talking with him and he's a local bike flipper so I mentioned I am trying to sell a few and happened to have a mountain bike in my car. Long story short I traded my 90's Haro I paid $10 for...
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    Today's $10 yard sale score

    Went yard saleing for the first time this year and at the first sale of the day I scored this for $10!!! Yes please. Looks to be an early 90s Haro Extreme mountain bike. Really cool cash guard on the front, a rack on the back, and it's so 90's it's cool. Aired up the tires and took it for a...
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    What??? Which one of you was it?

    Saw this on Facebook. Has to be someone here. Lol
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    Rat Rod Bike Philosophy

    I wrote this on my Instagram page and thought I'd share it here as well. "It is so rewarding to take something neglected and give it new life and purpose. These two bicycles are from a time 60 years ago when things were built to last. Built by American companies that took pride in every last...
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    Skyrider 2

    Well I was bored waiting on parts for the Skyrider/ American Gentleman build so I thought I'd go check out Studio Black Antiques again and show off my progress. He loved seeing the bike totally transformed. I saw another Skyrider and I couldn't stop myself. He said he'd part with it for $40 so...
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    outskirtscustoms new ride: Sundance Kid

    So as many of you know I am somewhat a connoisseur of undesirable automobiles and my newest creation is no exception. I started out with this 1991 Plymouth Sundance. Previous owner was fixing it up for his daughter's sweet 16 present... remanufactured engine, new fuel tank, new fuel pump, new...
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    BO15 Skyrider AKA "The American Gentleman"

    Not sure what the name will be just yet so we will call it Skyrider for now. I picked up this old rusty pile at an antique store for $40 and I'm going to build it from ground up. Has some cool mini apes that are definitely getting used. Has a cool messenger seat that will go to my parts bin in...
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    Just picked this up for $40 on sale at a local antique shop this morning. I had to drop it off at home and run to work so didn't have time to get it cleaned up or get good pics. I know I have been away from the site for a long time but I am glad to say I am back and it feels good to get to build...
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    RRBBO13 Fat bob

    Well I'm back! Been really busy as of late with my job running the parts store 40 hours a week, restoring my chevy truck which is now coming together while being driven daily. And my time is freeing up. So i am thinking of a build modern interpretation of an oldschool bobber but with attitude...
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    I'm still around

    Hey guys just thought I'd check in and say hi, haven't had much time for bikes lately but did ride mine to work today. I quit rural king back in September, and started working at advance auto. I'm a car guy so it's a fun job. And I just traded off my olds custom cruiser wagon for a sweet 87...
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    Bought not built "Easy Going"

    Bought not built but still pretty cool, I was out and about and saw this cool old huffy at an antique store and had to have it. Guy said someone on the west coast did the pinstripe but he couldn't remember who. Anyone recognize it???
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    That's right I am putting my build in the hands of the voters so I get in on this No Idea theme too. I have no idea what I'm going to build so lets do this Random and see what happens. Happy voting!!!
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    way to work score!

    I was on my way to work this morning and saw two bikes that looked like they were fished out of the local creek so naturally I stopped and asked about them, the guy said they were in the basement of an old service garage he bought and he was getting rid of them. I asked how much and he started...