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    Locking springer fork to TRADE ONLY

    I have a 1980's(?, I was told) locking capable springer fork in excellent/as new condition. Never been installed. In the pics you see the chrome spring arm mounted. I also have the primered arm. I am looking to trade for a tank for either 1946-7 CWC/Roadmaster roadster, or 1938-41...
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    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Has anyone here put a multi=speed cassette on a classic balloon tire frame? How did you go about expanding the drop outs? Thanks
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    less and less

    Are there fewer and fewer people into bicycles anymore? There is so little "action" on the bike sites nowadays. I must belong to about 6 sites and it seems like fewer and fewer people are building/fixing bikes today. I thought maybe the shutdown would get more people back into the scene but so...
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    engine for a Whizzer?

    Hi group. I am soon to be the proud owner of an old (haven't established the date yet) Roadmaster "Whizzer" frame w/springer-truss forks. I'm currently collecting parts and pieces for it now. I'm a broke .... and a tight wad, so the engine is going to be a toughie for me (besides, I'm not a...
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    Hello group. I have a couple of NOS "Warrior" headbadges that I want to trade, either singularly or otherwise. My focus is 30's-40's balloon tire bikes and accessories. I am currently looking for chain guards, rear racks, reflectors, ornaments, springer forks, lights and horns, but show me...
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    drop forged forks?

    I have what I have heard refered to as a "drop forged" springer fork that I hope to bring back to life. I can't find much info about these "iron" forks. Does anyone have a link that explains about these forks? Are they just a better quality steel? Can they be welded and/or heated to straighten...
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    Greeting from Detroit

    Hello group and thanks for having me. I became disabled a couple years ago and inexplicably found myself fixing up an old bike I found. I figured it would keep my mind busy and give me something to finally do (after months of doctors and hospital visits then rehab) during the day. Turned out it...
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    license plate-Detroit

    Looking for a vintage Detroit bike or vendor license plate