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    Trouble this ad ok?

    Have had this on craigslist for awhile, only one inquiry. Started at 395.00 and am currently at 330.00 Is it worth this and does the ad seem ok? Appreciate the input!
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    Need your valued opinions with tire choice.....

    Just got this repro/tribute Western need to be changed out. Unable to get my first few choices....... Which one of these please? Also, diamond pattern or brick pattern?
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    Help/Info on Repro I just picked up.....

    Just picked up this Western Flyer Repro today. Persons leather saddle, springer front, 26" tires. Needed some adjustments, greased bottom hold air but going to change as there are a few slits in them. Good condition ,rides nice...front light was on fender but is just the shell as...
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    Ross Eurotour 10 speed...year please?

    Picked this up today, very nice condition, new tires, rides nice. Looking for serial#. Found 2312-676 on right rear drop this the serial# ?
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    Western Flyer.....reproduction??

    Seller says these are 1980/81. Was reading where Western Flyer stopped making bikes in 1959. Found some info that these were made in 1980/81 and said they were reproductions????? Would like to know if I should go for them...thanks!!!!! He wants 100 for the pair.
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    Western Flyer.....Year?

    Looking at this Western Flyer...not sure of year...they want 100.00 Thoughts? Thanks
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    Bikes with military bags on rear.....

    Military surplus bags used for saddlebags.....
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    Falcon Road Bike...

    Do you have or had?.....opinions? Worth? What would be a fair offer? Thanks.
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    BB Gun bb's for "70 Raleigh Sports headset?

    Took fork out too quick and bb's fell out (bottom)....recovered 14 of them,can't find the rest. Can I use bb gun bb's?
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    Can someone I.D. this pump?

    Just picked up a '67 Rudge and this pump was on it. It looks like it says "Britanniallo" Made in England. Can not find with a search. Also, looks like the end piece is missing or broken on the valve piece. I am guessing it is original to the bike...
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    Cottered Crank.....

    Reading that cottered cranks can be hard to get off. Was going to lube bottom bracket on my '70 Raleigh Sports. Only because I don't know when or if ever the previous owner or owners ever did. It pedals smoothly and no noise. Should I leave or attempt it? Thanks.
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    Front hub clip?

    What is this clip for ?
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    Front wheel hard to remove on Raleigh Sports...

    Had a heck of a time removing the front wheel of my Raleigh Sports to replace tube and tire. Wheel would not come off...very hard to spread fork for clearance. Finally came off after struggling to spread forks! Want to put my speedometer on it but there is not enough space between fork and...
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    Front rack Raleigh Folder

    Looking for a front rack for my 70 Raleigh Folder. Thanks.
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    Brooks saddle...DONE??

    Picked up a neglected Raleigh Sports today. Lots of rust, got it just about all off. Looks good but the saddle looks like it is done. What a shame...I guess I will use it till...whenever!
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    Regions Bank bike decals.....

    Are the decals on the Regions Bank bikes clear coated?
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    Western Flyer year please?

    No idea of the year and what is the value on it seeing it was refurbished.....thanks.
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    Need help to I.D. this bike...

    Anyone please?
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    What size seat post?

    Have a Huffy Cranbrook...what size is the seat post? Want to get a lay back seat post. With or without support? Like the seat all the way lowered but looks like the support won't let it go all the way down. I am about 200 lbs. if that matters............
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    handlebar question.....

    Would these fit a huffy cranbrook?