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  1. Moisstink

    "Death rod" briggs powered Murray

    Now that is sweet. Post more photo's! How is the noise level burning down the street? If you want the link I have a briggs powered bike on here to check out.
  2. Moisstink

    1951 CwC custom flat tracker

    Yeah, I am really diggin on this one. No overkill - just clean lines. All the components really compliment the overall look. Very nice indeed.
  3. Moisstink

    MotoDromo Special II : New video! with ride...

    Keep the boost bottle visible! Maybe under the tank but still visible. I always had people asking me if I was running nitros on my bike. It looks cool and that question will always crack ya up. Love the build man, ya got mad fab skills!
  4. Moisstink

    EvansColson Special Commander (Got Evans?)

    Man this is a sweet ride! I did fine art foundry work for years and love the bronze cool back drop.
  5. Moisstink


    I don't know man, this is one of the wildest customs to reach the end of the build off. I think this is definitely a contender! Congrats 100%!
  6. Moisstink

    GYSOT! - Get You Some of That! - She's a Rider - heading to the Finished Bikes forum soon.

    Sorry man, I thought I remembered it being too long..
  7. Moisstink

    GYSOT! - Get You Some of That! - She's a Rider - heading to the Finished Bikes forum soon.

    To switch out that carb I had to adjust the throttle cable. What you can do is measure out from the stop at the line going into the carb to where you need it and clip the cable to size and use some copper wire from any outlet plug wire and a bit of solder to fabricate a new stop on the cable...
  8. Moisstink

    The Coop-ster (Its rolling)

    Black leather straps. Dog collars with a cut open rubber hose from frame to tank for vibration - the taper of the tank may keep the straps moving. Looks tight. I would definitely find the right angle on mounting to keep that sweet look.
  9. Moisstink

    FENIX- Finished!

    schweeeet stuff as always! Looking forward to the final ride.
  10. Moisstink

    Fire arrow, 2nd try...

    Nice work for sure. A lot of details that really look cool on this!
  11. Moisstink

    FENIX- Finished!

    Your bikes are always pushing the envelope. Very cool indeed. Keep the inspiration rolling.
  12. Moisstink

    GYSOT! - Get You Some of That! - She's a Rider - heading to the Finished Bikes forum soon.

    Yeah, I had one of thos Gyes saddles and it is the most comfortable seat I have ever had, well toe to toe with my brooks. You will love it. I had mine on a motorized and you really need something like that because bouncing around for a good part of a day will wreck you with the wrong seat...
  13. Moisstink

    Kotton Kandy Kroozer

  14. Moisstink

    MotoDromo Special II : New video! with ride...

    Man, I love watching your builds. A lot of motorized bikes out there but not too many at all that are this friggin cool. Very cool custom work!
  15. Moisstink

    Night Owl

    sooooo sweet!
  16. Moisstink

    Plate Trooper

    Love your start and direction with this build. I will be definitely watching!!
  17. Moisstink

    Let me see your motorized bicycles

    I built this for the bonine and am going to start another for the boten. Fun stuff to build and ride!
  18. Moisstink

    FENIX- Finished!

    Very cool to see you are in. Your bikes are incredible. Stoked to see what you do with this one.
  19. Moisstink

    (BOTEN) "OUTLAW" ...Withdrawn from the build-off...

    Your bikes always turn out inspiring. Glad to see you in this build.