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    Felt fork headset needed

    I need to buy a complete headset for my Felt aluminum frame cruiser, if you know where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks, Dave.
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    Which fork bearing cups needed for a Felt frame?

    Trying to change the bearing cups and bearings on my Felt cruiser, having a hard time finding the right size. Any help with this is greatly appreciated,Dave.
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    Ruffian frame?

    Can you buy a Ruffian frame from Ruff Cycles? Just on the web site, no listing for one. Thanks for any help on this, Dave.
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    powder coating question

    Once a frame is powder coated, can it be stripped, and how easy is it? I have a frame powder coated, and would like to change the color. Thanks for your help, Dave.
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    What size fork?

    I want to put a BMX-style fork on my Felt cruiser. The bike has 24” wheels on it, should I go with a 24” fork or a 26” ? Thanks for your help on this, Dave.
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    Need help finding wide 24” rims

    I need to buy 2 rims 24” at least 50mm wide, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
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    Felt 24” black front wheel

    Im looking for a 24” 50mm Felt front wheel, thanks for looking.
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    26" Felt 50mm silver front wheel

    I would like to buy a 26" Felt 50mm silver front rim, if you have one for sale let me know. Thanks, Dave.
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    5 bolt bottom bracket

    Are all 5 bolt bottom bracket sprockets the same? Wanting to change the gear on my Kona strandie and want to get the right one, thanks for your help on this, Dave.
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    Rear hub question

    Looking at a Felt el Nino cruiser, and would like to know if its possible to fit a 3 speed rear hub to this bike. Thanks for any help on this, Dave.
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    Trek clyde strandie

    Here are some pictures of my clyde. The bike has a 7 spd. rear hub.
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    A frame question

    I want to buy a straight bar frame, and I need some suggestions. I've been looking at the red menace frame listed on ebay, and wanted to know if anyone else had bought one. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it, thanks, Dave.
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    3 pc. crankset needed

    I have a Trek clyde that I've been working on, and I want to replace the current bottom bracket, which is a 3 pc., but I want one with four mounting bolts for the sprocket. The reason for the change, I want to use an Absolute oval chain ring on it. Any help is appreciated, Dave.
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    A gearing question

    I picked up a Trek Clyde today with a 4 speed rear hub. The problem is, in first gear, the bike is hard to peddle, feels like third gear should feel. The bike is geared with a 40 tooth front sprocket, and a 20 tooth on the rear wheel. What sprocket can I change to get a more usable gear...
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    Dolomite seat post size?

    I need to find out the size of a Dolomite seat post. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave.
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    I need new forks

    I would like to buy a set of forks from a felt El Guapo, or something very similar. Any help with this is appreciated.
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    24x80 wheels, where to buy?

    I'd like to get some wide wheels for my Felt bike, who sells them? Thanks for your help, Dave.
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    Which rear hub?

    I'm wanting to put a new rear hub on my Kona single speed. Should I go with an internal gear hub or a freewheel? The bike is used for riding trails, not really taken off road. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dave
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    Where can I find a........

    I need to buy a 26" felt front wheel for my bike. Anyone have an idea where I might get one? Thanks, Dave.
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    Price of powder coating?

    I just called the local powder coater to get my bike frame and fork done, he said it would almost be $200. That sounds a little steep, what do you guys think? He said the price was high because it would take 5 lbs. of powder to do it. What have you guys paid to get it done? Thanks for any help...