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  1. Chief

    SOLD 1936 Elgin Frame and Fork

  2. Chief

    Build Off Material

    Here is something pretty cool that could be mounted on a build-off bike!
  3. Chief

    REDUCED 1935-36 Elgin Rat Project

    1935-36 Elgin Barn find project ended up in the back of my shop--hate to sell--one of the coolest set-ups--need room. Frame, fork, seat, handlebars 21", neck, crank, chain, wheels 26" rear new departure, tires 26x2.125 as found (no front tube). Sold as pictured-- with fenders, Badge and long...
  4. Chief

    REDUCED 1950s Schwinn

    $400 shipped. Moving on to another project. S/N W65983--added seat, repop tank, chain guard, Schwinn bow pedals and heavy duty wheels with Duro brick 2.125 tires. Was a barn find in very rough condition. Frame, fenders, fork is what I found--stripped and painted flat black. Named after a...
  5. Chief

    SOLD 50s Roadmaster

    $210 + shipping from WI. Intention was to restore it, but as we know priorities change. Bike has been repainted. The frame, fenders, chain guard are in excellent straight condition. I changed the seat, chain, tubes/tires. Everyday newspaper and donut rider. I deck it out with flags and my...
  6. Chief

    SOLD 55 Schwinn Spitfire Straightbar

    Barn find—lady said her son parked it 15 years ago and it never moved from the side of the shed. Fast forward to today: sprayed off dirt and grime and here it is listed for sale. Schwinn—SN R38775 (1955 D11—Spitfire)(no evidence of a tank) Selling as is: Bike looks cool in current config...
  7. Chief

    SOLD HIAWATHA JET-O-MATIC Barn find, owner did not know the bike was there--outside leaning against a shed covered in weeds. Hiawatha Jet-O-Matic (year unknown -- 60s?) The is a number on the head badge, and one on left drop-out Sold as is--I only sprayed...
  8. Chief

    Speedo (Sears)

    Sears speedo with 87 miles on it. This came off a 1960 Schwinn--but I do not know how many years it was installed. Can you image going 40 mph? Cable is broken going into speedo head. Cable piece spins the speedo, wheel mount spins the other end of the cable. Just needs a new cable. $10 +...
  9. Chief

    JC Higgins Pedal Blocks

    JC Higgins pedal blocks. $9 shipped
  10. Chief

    SOLD 1957 Monark Super Deluxe

    Fresh find. I think this is a 1957. Badge Monark and OG paint--great looking patina. It really looks good--everything is original except as noted below--see the pictures Someone put a schwinn sweetheart chainring on at some point (guess wanting the larger balloon tire effect on a middle...
  11. Chief

    1957 Monark Super Deluxe?

    A little help--Found this today, what do you think about it. I think it is a 1957 monarch--maybe Huffy. Interesting sprocket (schwinn sweetheart), no chain, for a super deluxe it should have a springer I would think? Don't normally find these--what should I pay. Person bought it and hung it...
  12. Chief

    SOLD 1935-6 Elgin

    1935-6 Elgin? Barn find, looks like a cool bike. Serial Number is A43174, do not see any other numbers. Hoping someone will want to save or rat it. $190 shipped lower 48. PM if interested.
  13. Chief

    40 and 50 troxel/mesinger seat parts?

    Anybody know a place that carries seat springs and such to rebuild vintage bicycle seats/saddles?
  14. Chief

    Barn Find 64 American

    Picked up a 64 American for cheap--$40. My grandson spent about 2 hours a day for 2 weeks cleaning, and polishing this bike. Whatever he was missing or couldn't shine up he found in my stash of extra parts. The only thing new are the tires and the decal--great bonding project--he wants to...
  15. Chief

    New from Wisconzona

    Have been lingering a little on the site before posting as I am trying to build a starting point. Fully retired--actually ride a lot, so why not enjoy the hobby more than a just from the seat. Over my career I had to sell many of cool bikes as I moved around--street to mountain and now a mixed...