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  1. stik70

    EZ Speed

    This winter, I bought this from a family friend. He is 87. In the 60's and 70's, he pulled bikes out of city dump. He's liquidated all the bikes as his balance is poor. This is an 'Our Own Hardware' EZ speed Schwinn variant. I think I'll put more correct bars and rear tire on & a better seat and...
  2. stik70


    I was at my friend's estate auction today and scored a new ride. Excited to get it cleaned up and rolling!
  3. stik70

    Spaceliner frame, Blast Off!!

    Today, a friend I met in grade school (because he rode a sweet Schwinn SX100), dropped off this frame for me. What a cool dude! I think I'll harvest some parts off something from the same era and ride it. The license is from '69-70, how cool is that!
  4. stik70

    Giants need love too...

    My 1990 Giant Boulder I've owned since it was a few months old. I worked in a bike shop and bought this with some parts missing on it. It went to college with me and many other adventures. 5 yrs ago, i pulled it out of storage, went through it, and put some different bars and michelin rock...
  5. stik70

    Schwinn Deluxe Hornet (beautiful restoration)
  6. stik70

    Seat Post Lightening, an exercise in futility

    I'm having fun with my new $15 -730 I picked up a couple weeks ago. When I was a kid and working in bike shops, I was always lightening components. Man, I'll never grow up. Performance increase? Nope. Nice day in the shop, yep
  7. stik70

    The General

    I am 48 and haven't bought a vintage bike since I was in my early 20's. However, during that phase, I bought 4 Monarks, an Elgin, Hiawatha, and a wooden rim bicycle. Also acquired pieces and parts along the way. I started work in a hardware store that had a Schwinn franchise when i was 13 and...
  8. stik70

    New from the midwest

    Hi, Happy to be accepted to the forum. I have a gaggle of Monark's, an Elgin, and a wooden rim Winton. I am currently making a custom from a rough Monark General. Thanks for letting me join! Stik