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  1. Petrohead

    Spiegel Airman

    Not sure about year of this bike but I would like to find out. I am interested in any info anyone might have. I would consider offers for sale or trade. It rides nice and smooth and appears to have all the original parts right down to the tires. Some things I am looking for are Moon Discs, Bent...
  2. Petrohead

    1968 Huffy Slingshot COPPER

    I believe this is a 1968 Huffy Slingshot. Haven't even cleaned it up yet. I would consider offers to sell or trade. I like to customize stuff and this looks to be all original and complete (besides brake cables). So I would rather keep it together and have it go to someone who can appreciate it...
  3. Petrohead

    Leather tooled custom 1 of a kind seat -sell?

    What can I sell this 1-of-a-kind leather tooled seat for? I know that is a loaded question. I also know the answer. "Whatever someone is willing to pay for it", right? Well I am just trying to get a feel for what the market might warrant for one of my tooled creations. I have days full of hours...
  4. Petrohead

    RRB Deluxe 6 build-off bike

    It's hard to pick one picture to post so here are a couple to choose from :roll: . It would be an honor to be in the calender as it was an honor to win this years build-off. :D I do have higher res pics and many more to choose from as well.
  5. Petrohead

    Vintage BMX Freestyle frame

    20" freestyle frame. I don't know much about these but thought the frame looked cool so I picked it up. Anyone know what it is?
  6. Petrohead

    Went pickin' today in Wisconsin

    Found a bunch of cool stuff including a 1930's (I was told) Schwinn Ice Cream Trike totally complete with two of the three original tires even. A cool 30's looking boys 20" straight bar that looks complete minus the bade with the original paint and graphics still in tact. Original front wheel...
  7. Petrohead

    1935 Monark 5 BAR "Deluxe 6 Rat Racer"

    Well fellow ratters, here is my first ever submission to a RRB Build-Off. Trying to stay true to the rat theme, I have collected most of the parts from right here on the forum including the frame, forks, seat, tires, crank, pedals and grips. I also finished the bike in rust with a couple details...
  8. Petrohead

    Skip tooth cogs and gearing

    So I am trying to remedy an issue I keep having with gearing on my skip-tooth bikes. There just seems to be such a tall gearing when I use the standard mens 26 tooth front chain ring and the rear 9 tooth cogs that are available to retro fit on the newer shimano hubs. I guess what I am asking is...
  9. Petrohead

    1950's Shelby Airflo ???????

    I can not find a lick of info on anything Shelby AMC era. I have this Shelby Airflo and it's all original (other than someone added a front brake) and complete except for the head badge and horn. I would like to know what is up with it before I tear it apart and customize it. If it has any...
  10. Petrohead

    "Deluxe 6" Rat Racer build diary ALMOST DONE!!!!

    I am really excited to start my first build-off bike. It will be called the Deluxe 6. I have had all kinds of ideas running through my head since last year and it's time to put them to use. This should be fun! Sorry about the pics but I am not too good with a camera... . . . . :| I think...
  11. Petrohead

    1948? Trophy Military inspired build...

    I was told by the guy who sold this bike to me that it was a 1948 Trophy. I wasn't even sure it was a bike as there was so much house paint covering everything on the bike including spokes, cups, pedals, you name it. Sure enough after a few days and a couple hundred gallons of elbow grease I...
  12. Petrohead

    1940 Westfield tracker style

    Here is a 1940 Westfield built to the best of my knowledge. I do have the original wheels which I plan on re-doing to the look of the newer wheel shown here. Kept it simple with a recovered and refurbished early spring seat, the stock (or at least the way I received the bike) stem, forks and...
  13. Petrohead

    SACHS Automatic Torpedo

    Can anyone tell me anything about this rear hub? My friend was told it is fully automatic and shifts on its own but I have only had experience with the kickback shift style. I want to know before buying it exactly what it does. Thanks!
  14. Petrohead

    Schwinn S-7 question

    Anybody know from what year to what year Schwinn used the S-7 wheels? Or a time line of wheels they used? :?: S-2's were used 19-- to 19-- S-7 wheels were used 19-- to 19--
  15. Petrohead

    Worksman 20" front drum brake wheel...

    I have this Worksman (at least I assume that is what it is because it has the heaviest spokes, axle and rim I have seen) I was gonna tear apart for the drum brake. Should I make this available to someone who might need this set-up versus parting it out? I don't know much about the Worksman and...
  16. Petrohead

    Tank Identification....

    I have these tanks and want to find frames for them. After a guess on one I bought online I realized it can look like it will fit but might not. I would be interested in frames for any of the three if you might have one. I also might get rid of the red or white tanks if you were to neeeed it...
  17. Petrohead

    1940 Westfield

    1940 Westfield
  18. Petrohead

    Dating Schwinn 1941 SPEEDWAYS and LIBERTYS

    Does anyone know how to date a Schwinn Liberty or Speedway? I have a girls 26" speedway that looks to be 1940's and a men's Liberty that seems to 40's as well but can't find info on dating these (date codes do not match up to regular Schwinns. UPDATE: I have been sent date codes and see they...
  19. Petrohead

    Fresh progress...sneak peek

    1950ish Columbia 5 Star Superb. I am finishing the chain guard. There will also be painted graphics on the tank featuring the wing emboss as well as on the chain guard. Maybe a few striped throughout. I will also restore the seat and maybe find a really nice original head badge for it (the one...
  20. Petrohead

    Identification Information

    Anyone got any clue to what I have here? 26" pre-war bikes didn't come with badges so I really don'r know how to identify. If you know what they are and have badges for them you get extra points! :lol: 26" (has stainless steel truss rods but they are not pictured)