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  1. 2dawgs

    RRBBO13 Beaux Perdant

    Beaux Perdant: Beautiful Loser Decided to use this art deco stroller to be incorporated into the design of a yet to be determined Ladies Bike frame.
  2. 2dawgs

    Cool E Bicycle

    The platform for this E Bicycle is a 50's Solex bike frame. Very cool one off.
  3. 2dawgs

    Steampunk Builds

    The sometimes typhloptic viewed Steam punk style builds. Please share your Steampunk rides. So here is a start: ReSicycle Redux
  4. 2dawgs

    Amorem Redux

    Well it's great to have made it to the finish line. Started off with a yellow Ladies bike rescued from curbside refuse. The aged paint finish was torch applied, fenders made from bicycle rims; and various parts made from repurposed items, garage project cast offs and bike parts. Enjoyed...
  5. 2dawgs

    Amorem Redux - Integrum, Finito, Done

    Retrieved this lemon yellow ladies Schwinn from curbside garbage pickup. The name for the build roughly translated is "Under going Revival". The only plan is to use left over parts and unconventional items in the build.
  6. 2dawgs

    Belo Bambino

    Starting out with 60's Solex bike frame (minus front wheel drive motor). Planning 1 7/8" x 24" front wheel & 1 7/8" x26" rear wheel. Add center cross bar, wood insert for rear baby seat, replace seat and more later on. Will post pic of Victorian baby buggy that will morp into rear passenger...
  7. 2dawgs


    Man Oh Man & Women, what an incredible show of talent befitting B.O. Ten. What else can you say!
  8. 2dawgs

    Awe10Shun, Finished

    Three wheel tanker style build is coming to mind. Pics of the parts & frame to follow. Looking forward to following all the builds. Since "10" is a milestone for RRB; sure there will be a plenty of epic creations this go round. Cheers.
  9. 2dawgs

    Brewmaster Racer

    Unearthed these rims from my TBD parts pile (I know, the curse it Copper again); what do you want from me, I live in the Copper State. Snagged some slicks for tires. Found a aluminum "Brewmaster" coffee maker in the dumpster outside the shop (pic to follow later). The top part will make a...
  10. 2dawgs


    Artifac is completed. It was fun building it; and enjoyed being a part of the BONINE community. Good luck to all the builders.
  11. 2dawgs

    Incredible Talent Pool B.O. #9

    Man, I am impressed with the incredible and innovative builds being fielded for this build off. Everybody is kicking it.
  12. 2dawgs


    Early 70's Windsor (Mexico Mfg) frame; seat stays toast, rack no longer, bent fork & handlebars and frozen bottom bracket. Like the lines of the frame. No idea where this is going.
  13. 2dawgs


    Thanks to the high temps, I was able to steal some indoor garage time to finish this baby. Motivation from fellow RRBers and fear get heavy recognition for making this happen. Many have said it already; WOW, these rides are the most impressive and inspiring builds! Proud to be part of such a...
  14. 2dawgs

    RetroWreckTion, It's Alive (Version.0)

    Decided to drag the Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol, Columbia Built bike from the wreckage and build RetroWreckTion. Still in the early planning stages and have no idea where this build is going.
  15. 2dawgs

    Green Machine

    Building this MB for a Marine friend. Still need to install engine.
  16. 2dawgs


    ReSicycle was built using 70% recycled stuff. Stuff bought: seat, tires & fork. It has been a pleasure building this bike; especially sharing thoughts & banter with fellow RRB builders. Thanks for letting me be a part of it all.
  17. 2dawgs


    Picked up this Schwinn and want to use stuff lying around the garage to incoporate into the build. Thinking about using a dented tank, metal yardsticks for fenders, soup can headlight,etc.