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  1. Raoul Dude

    [Central] Ohio Bicycle Swap Meet 2017 -- Sunday, March 19

    It's the third year for this thing, so does this officially make it an "annual event"? :bigsmile: It's not all "old bikes" -- the bicycles and parts the past two years have been a mixture of old and new, with an emphasis on "what gearheads of all types are cleaning out of their garages and/or...
  2. Raoul Dude

    Cantilever tube squeak?!

    I never owned a cantilever-style frame until I discovered Rat Rod Bikes, so had never encountered this problem before. My second-hand Raleigh Retroglide NX7 made a distinct "creaking" sound when I'd pedal hard, especially if I stood out of the saddle, or even if I'd ride slowly and bounce my...
  3. Raoul Dude

    2008 or '09 Schwinn Jaguar build, badly chronicled.

    I really didn't take a lot of pictures when I started this project, because "who really wants to see a build thread on a modern cruiser from Walmart?" (I actually bought it from craigslist, but I'm sure the previous owner got it at a big box store somewhere when it was new.) When I FIRST got...
  4. Raoul Dude

    Non-vintage tandem into "stretch cruiser"

    (If anybody gets a sense of "deja vu" reading this thread, it's probably because I first talked about this bike and my plans for it back in December, when I first got it: There's going to be...
  5. Raoul Dude

    Ohio Bicycle Swap Meet -- Sunday March 15, 2015

    Short notice, I know -- this first-time event is TOMORROW! Official site: Local newspaper coverage: (I just heard about this recently and was reminded of it...
  6. Raoul Dude

    New (non-vintage) tandem into stretch

    I don't really know WHERE to post this but wanted to share: "Craigslist Nightmares and Dreams" because of the nightmarish comedy of errors involved with getting this bike? "Show Me Your: Tandem into Singles" because that's what I'm planning on doing with it? "Build Threads" as I take this...
  7. Raoul Dude

    1979 Schwinn LeTour IV

    Here's my "Fresh Find" that's not REALLY a "fresh" find -- but I just brought it home yesterday! This was my third bike, and the first one that I bought myself. I was 15, had outgrown my Schwinn Varsity and dad couldn't figure out why I needed a more expensive bike. I later bought a...
  8. Raoul Dude

    Stick shift from Grip Shift

    I know this project isn't quite up to the amazing vintage building and restoration stuff that so many of you guys do (and do so well) but this forum has inspired me to start swapping parts and figuring out new ways to bolt things onto a bicycle frame and thus sort of "build" something new. After...
  9. Raoul Dude

    ANOTHER new guy from Ohio!

    ...and a somewhat late "hey there!" I first discovered this site the past spring or summer, after talking to a buddy about our local "bike snobs" and how it seems that adults have turned the fun of riding a bike into work. "When mountain bikes first came out, the fat-tired community made fun...