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  1. Ichoptop

    Top Fueler Drag Forks ..... SOLD OUT!!

    ...., I missed out. they would look great on the front of the Screamer I am doing
  2. Ichoptop

    a bike's soul

    There is no such thing as a soul. Not in a bike nor anywhere else. There is a "coolness factor" which like stated above is a sum of the parts.
  3. Ichoptop

    Hub Question....Shimano 3 speed. calling the experts?

    If you are looking to go 3 speed just buy the whole kit with hub and shifter. They can be had for $60 on eBay. I just installed one on Saturday and it took all of an hour which included removing the old hub and relacing the wheel with the Nexus hub.
  4. Ichoptop

    filling in frame for a lowrider does anyone have any ideas for a first timer?

    cut the inserts a little smaller than the tube centerline you are welding to. This will give you enough room to grind down the weld without grinding into the tube and loosing strength and adequate room for filler.
  5. Ichoptop

    Hub Question....Shimano 3 speed. calling the experts?

    Shimano internals had a pretty wide series of rod lengths. If you want it to work run the number on the hub then find the correct shaft length or you will be fighting it forever.
  6. Ichoptop

    24" and 26" Jerald Slick Tires (Square Tread)

    sounds like the new owners have it up and running already. good for them. I have a 24" on the back of a Switchblade. Good looking tire.
  7. Ichoptop

    Nana Seat Covers?

    10 years ago I bought many seat covers for banana seats. I am finally out and need to recover a highback banana seat. I started looking for someone selling covers and it seems like there isn't anyone left? Is this true? Where can I find pre-stitched material for seats?
  8. Ichoptop

    24" and 26" Jerald Slick Tires (Square Tread)

    They have been out of business since last year. There are rumors of someone buying the molds and may start production again but no one knows who these people are or how to contact them.
  9. Ichoptop

    3 speed transmission

    You will hate it if you ever actually try to ride a bike with it. They have so much friction in the planetary gears that even going down hill is like riding up.
  10. Ichoptop

    Messing around lacing two rims together...

    They have also been called "pirates". Not that I would ever do such a thing but if I ever needed emergency air and just happen to roll into a parking lot with some cars I could "borrow" some air from a car tire to keep a bike rolling.
  11. Ichoptop

    Springer forks opinions.

    FlyingMachine Bikes. Probably the coolest fork I have seen this year.
  12. Ichoptop

    Messing around lacing two rims together...

    A short piece of air hose with a tire inflation fitting works well to equalize the pressure. I still have one from my dragster that has a lock on fitting on one side and a press-on on the other.
  13. Ichoptop

    Shipping Rates

    the nice thing about BikeFlights is they are quick with claims. I shipped a bike with them (and FedEx) and "mysteriously" the Schwinn lockable springer was missing when it arrived at its destination. The box was cut open. The new owner took pictures and sent them to me. I found another fork...
  14. Ichoptop

    Bike Magazine?

    I am the editor for Kustomized Bicycle Magazine. I have also been a contributing member to RRB for quite a few years. I have never brought the magazine to RRB because I have a great deal of respect for Rat Rod and what he has created here. Since it was brought up though I am willing to throw out...
  15. Ichoptop

    29inch Rim/Wheel Suppliers or Companies

    try Nick at Local Cycles. he is a stand up guy, I have dealt with him many times and he keep a lot of hoops in stock.
  16. Ichoptop

    Space Bike Molds

    If it is actually Cole Foster as the website leads me to believe then it will be done very well. He has built many award winning bikes and cars including Kirk Hammett's 36 ford and Mike Ness's 54 chevy.
  17. Ichoptop

    Burrito/Stretch bikes.

    They were very popular until the one off builders hit the scene and started building frames from scratch. Now that is the trend. I still love a good burrito but you can get much more creative starting with tube and a roller
  18. Ichoptop

    29inch Rim/Wheel Suppliers or Companies

    Nick at Local Cycles in New York Dom at The Cruiser Shop in California. I'm sure they will ship to you.
  19. Ichoptop

    Pedal Lock

    I like that magazine. :giggle:
  20. Ichoptop

    24 X 3" rims and tires

    Felt wheels (24") are not 80mm. They are 56mm. You can fit them in most everything but a true 80mm wheel takes some cutting and welding to fit a standard frame.