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    "Hot Rod Charlie" the return of Bullet ( 1953 schwinn varsity)

    This will be the story of young Charlie , his challenge to a race on Mill Street hill , and the resurrection of "Bullet " , a Mill street legend from the 50s....
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    PSYCHO '78 finished

    Just had fun making a neat fictional frankenstein muscle bike out of some cool parts I had laying around. Pork chopper frame Space liner chrome fork Whitewalls and rear slick Serape covered banana seat Wheelie bar Comfy 39 inch spread apes Vintage ESSO grips...
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    Psycho 78'

    Certainly don't have time to participate but can't NOT participate. This is just too much fun. So , with the she-shed project completed , the unexpected guests bathroom remodel completed , and smack in the middle of my "Aeroliner " build I'm gonna do a muscle bike. Had fun last year with my...
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    Pandemic Road Missile

    Started with an original paint 62 Murray Missile and wanted to do a nice looking Racey style rider. Re-cleared original paint Original wheels with new black spokes Sturmey archer 3 speed laced in Jockey shift green machine handle Mickey Thompson center cap headlight Masked skull painted...
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    "Messed up kid"

    Started with an old chop job ladies frame I've had for years. 13 color spray bomb filler panels, homemade pull back bars , bottle grips , etc. Went for a mid 70s very early homemade lowrider no aftermarket days vibe. Enjoyed the contest as always!
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    Just a general thank you

    Thanks to whoever helps put on and organize the build offs. February was spent with my brother in respitory failure and ICU all month ( he kicked it's ... and is doing great !) March was spent with our sweet kitty cat having tumors removed and related cancer surgeries ( he is in the process...
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    BO15 "Messed up kid"

    Picked up "Lucenda " a few years ago. A real "shed find ". Guy said she was an abandoned custom project and that she was built in the 70s. Who knows. The frame and fork have been modified quite a bit so I suppose toss it in class 2 just for kicks. It's a girls full-size bike bike has a...
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    BO15 Pandemic Road Missile.

    Two years into my bicycle addiction and about a year into some pretty regular riding. Scored a killer looking Murray missile last year for cheap and immediately thought it would make a great true rider for legacy trail. Lexingtons legacy trail is a beautiful paved path from town to the horse...
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    A beat up Bratz frame and a mongoose pro parts pile turned scrambler style Evel Kneivel tribute bike. Faux patina red white and blue paint scheme with a little gold glitter and plenty of clear. EK headstock logo , colour me lucky handlebar logo and pure Evel on the chain guard. APR...
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    The Christmas Flyer

    Frankenstein re-do of a neat old 20 inch western flyer that my nephew loves as a gift for him. Made it rideable for his size by upgrading to a parts pile triple tree front fork, modern larger cranket , oddjob supplied vintage loaf seat , old apes , white rims, and a fresh set of whitewalls...
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    The Christmas Flyer...finished !

    My wife and I are very close with my nephew Ethan. He has lived with us off and on and spends alot of his weekends and available time at our house. I cannot even begin to express how much aunt Becky and I cherish our Ethan time ! This summer we were on a bike hunt and looking at a hoard of...
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    Pure EVEL finished !

    Had a blast as a first timer in the rat rod build off 14. Did a little muscle bike out of curb parts ( probably should have waited for the muscle build off but oh well ). Excited to enter the 2019 muscle bike buildoff. Always have been a fan of Mr Knievel so why not take some from the...
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    Dazed and Confused

    Three junker curb bikes turned into a retro fictional 70s style flaked out muscle bike. I had a blast as a first time build off participant and can't wait for the next one !
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    Winter build off?

    Can anyone post the details etc of the winter build off coming up ? Seems like I saw something about a muscle bike build off ? Can't find any info on whatever is coming up after the Sept 7 ending current one. Thanks in advance !
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    Dazed and confused ( finished !)

    First time attempt at a build off bike. Long time hot rodder recently bit by the bicycle bug. Going to attempt a muscle bike inspired build using a few unlikely freebie bikes and see what I can come up with! This seems like a really neat competition and is an outstanding outlet for...