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  1. MrLeghorn

    Elgin and Goodyear

    I recently picked up these two bikes at an estate sale. They have been buried in a garage for several years. I was hoping someone could please help identifying the year on these bikes. The Elgin appears to have a serial number S2137 and the Womans Goodyear Double Eagle has a serial number...
  2. MrLeghorn

    Miss Prissy 4 Bar Hawthorne

    I'm quite pleased how this bike turned out and the most important part...the wife loves it. Thank you all for the positive comments and suggestions. I really enjoy watching the creativity of so many excellent builders. Bike build thread...
  3. MrLeghorn

    Miss Prissy 4 Bar Hawthorne - Finished

    Hello everyone, I'm back for build-off 11. I purchased this Hawthorne from the Ann Arbor, Michigan bike show last month. My plan was to do a bike for my wife and the idea is "anything she wants". Not sure if this is a good idea, but happy wife - happy life. :) So I guess you can call this a...
  4. MrLeghorn

    Sunday Skool

    Here is my submission for the calendar photo contest. The photo reminds me of a secret bike parking spot outside the back of a church.
  5. MrLeghorn

    Flameliner (added more pics)

    I really enjoyed putting this bike together, it rides real nice and I am very pleased at how it turned out. Started to take some pictures but I was concerned that the background was to busy, I hope to add some more if I can find a location to add my roadster in the background.
  6. MrLeghorn

    BO-X - Flameliner - Finished

    Have you ever built a bike or for that matter ever hand built anything and then years or even months later looked at it, and said to yourself "What was I thinking". So back two years ago I built a bike for build off 8. I was using this Spaceliner bike and trying to be creative and economical...
  7. MrLeghorn


    I played a lot of sandlot baseball as a young boy and the memories of riding my bike with the bat and glove laying out across the handlebars is a memory of much easier times. This picture to me brings back that time when my only worry was if I was going to be coming home late for dinner.
  8. MrLeghorn


    Done! Done! and Done! Thanks to everyone who commented and followed my RustMaster build. I can now sit back and relax! I had a lot of fun building this bike and I took a lot of finished pictures. I hope everyone likes the bike and the pictures. Thanks Again! Build Thread...
  9. MrLeghorn

    ***RustMaster*** Done

    Well I'm back to build another bike, and I have given this bike the name Rustmaster. A Roadmaster with a good amount of patina. This is my before and after picture. I had a great time building this bike, Thank you to my wife and son for there help. Here are a few pictures that I did not place...
  10. MrLeghorn

    Stitch (More Pics)

    This bike is finished and I hope to add some more pictures later. Had fun with this build and the bike rides real nice. Link to the build... viewtopic.php?f=75&t=72444 Before After Test Ride, had to stop in for double cheeseburger, fries and coke. :D :D :D
  11. MrLeghorn

    Stitch -aka (Spaceliner Newbie) Done- Another Lesson Learned

    Oh No! From the deep woods comes the ultimate newbie! Wet behind the ears, I will attempt to turn a rusted patina Sear Spaceliner that I purchased for $40 dollars into a diamond....or perhaps a cubic zirconia. Whatever! I have plans to rid my garage of numerous junk ( and a few bike parts) and...
  12. MrLeghorn

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello all, I am a newbie who has decided to get in on the bike build off. I have done a restoration on a bike (Schwinn Tandem) 15 years ago and loved every minute of it. I have done a recent restore on an ATV Suzuki Blaster, so I'm looking to have fun with this build off. Here is a picture of me...