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  1. teisco

    White Brooks leather saddle or similar

    Looking for a hard to find item - white Brooks saddle or similar
  2. teisco

    Where to buy chrome 27 inch road bike wheels or rims ?

    Thanks, those are alloy. Looking for chrome or polished steel.
  3. teisco

    Where to buy chrome 27 inch road bike wheels or rims ?

    Thanks, great site.
  4. teisco

    FOUND White road bike style saddle

    Found at Walmart...
  5. teisco

    Nice set of chrome wheels for Schwinn 27 inch road bike.

    New or used is fine.
  6. teisco

    Where to buy chrome 27 inch road bike wheels or rims ?

    Looking for a source for chrome wheels for Schwinn with 27 inch rims. Used or new would be great.
  7. teisco


    Maybe next time
  8. teisco

    Chrome Fleetwoods

    Decals went on fairly easily.
  9. teisco

    FOUND White road bike style saddle

    Looking for a white road bike style saddle similar to Brooks for a new project. Also white wall or all white tires for Schwinn 27 inch road wheels or other used on Paramount or Voyaguer.
  10. teisco

    Chrome Fleetwoods

    Thanks it is coming along great. I do have the decision to custom it (no decals, custom head badge, other) or make it a restoration. I have ordered the decals and might go the restoration route, but you never say never :) Here is my artwork for the decals (along side the originals) that are...
  11. teisco

    Sears head badge, 26 x 1 3/8 white tires, white seat bag.

    Looking for this head badge and a couple all white tires for 26 by 1 3/8 rims and maybe a small white leather seat bag (goes behind the seat). Also set of white pedals.
  12. teisco

    Chrome Fleetwoods

    Bought two chrome 1970 Sears Fleetwoods and now in process of semi restoring one of them. Striped the old clear coat off the chrome and polished it. New cables and white cable housing, cleaned as much as possible (might have to have the wheels re spoked to get the hubs nice and have chrome or...
  13. teisco

    Decals ?

    I need printing from your artwork or mine.
  14. teisco

    Sears chrome pair

    Found a boys and girls sears chrome "Fleetwood". Striping the hazy clear coat off the chrome sure is fun.......Looking for 26 by 1 and 3/8 whitewall tires, white cables or housing, and someone to make decals..
  15. teisco

    Decals ?

    Stripped an old bike now looking for someone to make decals....
  16. teisco

    Where to buy 26x1 3/4 whitewall tires,,,,,,,,,,,and vintage white brake and shift cables ?

    Anyone have any nice 26 by 1 3/4 whitewall tires and/or nice set of brake and shift cables for a 60's 70's road bike restore? Or is there a source for these new ?
  17. teisco

    Spaceliner or flightliner near Waterloo Iowa

    Thats what I need :)
  18. teisco

    Jetson bikes

    Someone should make this....
  19. teisco

    Jetson bikes

    PM sent
  20. teisco

    Jetson bikes

    If they look like they belong to the Jetsons then I am frames,,,cool lights,,,,springer fronts,,,spacey looks for sure....