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  1. Inline Six

    Two Way Tandem

    I'm working on uploading a video right now, I'll post that as soon as I figure it out.
  2. Inline Six

    New to Rat Rod Bikes

    I've never been much of a forum guy so this will all be new to me. But I've been building custom bicycles for a few years now with my brother. We mostly stick to low rider/beach cruiser type bikes but have ventured into some truly crazy builds. Build Off 9 will be our first competition and I'm...
  3. Inline Six

    Two Way Tandem

    My brother and I are planning to build a tandem bicycle where the riders sit back to back. The rider in the back will be facing backwards but pedaling as if they are going forward. We've got a design drawn up and a set of 4" wide wheels to start off with. If anyone could tell me how to post...