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  1. spinman

    Hangman's Noose repop

    This one looks pretty close. Wonder what it'll fetch
  2. spinman

    SOLD! '69 red Sting-ray frame, fork, guard, sprocket, sissy $150 shipped

    BE date code Was my rider for many years. Parting out to make my Copper ray. Still pops in the sun. Ships from NJ 08003 $150 shipped. local pickup for $120 Please no PMs email inquiries to: [email protected]
  3. spinman

    Good chromer

    Thought I'd treat Billy Jack to some 'real' chrome. Got a great tip from Jimmy Peak at OBC about West Coast Plating in Oceanside Cali. A real mom and pop joint run by Victor and Rose. This whole lot ran me $380, and they waived the hazmat fee and taxes. I shipped it out via
  4. spinman

    The Pig

    Here's my latest creation. Started out as a '67 Schwinn cruiser frame. Paul 'Waccko' Wackowski blew out the rear to fit a 100mm coaster rim with a Project 346 WW 24X3. He also used part of a girls frame to stretch the BB (from OCC Schwinn) further forward. He made the OEM-looking fork as...
  5. spinman

    Eddie Munster chain bike on TV show

    (sorry if this is old newz) The much anticipated Beverly Hills Pawn episode featuring Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster and his famed chain bike is now available for viewing if you have the REELZ TV channel. Comcast offers it, but not streaming. I'll have to wait til this Saturday to watch it on...
  6. spinman

    Mass-produced chain bikes are here!

    Leave it to the Slovaks to make it a reality their FB page;
  7. spinman

    Jersey Devils BC

    The Jersey Devils Bicycle Club was founded in June 2011 as a way to Bring the custom bicycle culture to our area through rides and events. The idea and club name was first proposed by Mike Spinelli on Brian Krzysztow's Undergroundvelo (UGV) Proboard Forum. The name was derived from the legend...
  8. spinman

    another kool fork

    on craigslist for $250 shipped. can do kustom orders too
  9. spinman

    New fork from Go cruiser Go

    Looks kool. Check out their FB page for more details.
  10. spinman

    wild fork from Poland

  11. spinman

    The BEST stem ever!

    soon to be available for sale - no details where as of yet
  12. spinman

    FB uploading issues

    Recently, I'm unable to load pics into my existing FB albums. When I'm in an album and hit 'add photos' it would normally open up my computer pics, then just click on the one you want to upload. Now, when I click 'add photos' the bulk uploader FB screen appears?? Funny thing is I can still...
  13. spinman


    Happy 2nd Birthday to the Jersey Devils BC. Thanks to the members, supporters and friends. Let's keep it rollin'!
  14. spinman

    The MickyD

    Back in ’70-’71, I’d ride my crappy off-brand muscle bike over to our local Mcdonalds for some junk food. I had sawed off the ends of my forks and jammed some tubes in. It looked and rode like crap, but I thought I was the next Einstein for coming up with the idea. One day I pull up to MickyDs...
  15. spinman

    anyone ship a frame via UPS lately?

    I shipped a Huffy frame, no fork and I think they hosed me for $58 clams!!!!! Receipt said: actual weight: 15.5 lbs billable weight:32 lbs ground residential: $51.37 fuel surcharge: $4.00 delivery area surcharge: $2.75 ship from NJ to AZ just wondering if this is what UPS is chargin these days.
  16. spinman

    In honor of the hangmen's sissy bar

    I've always dreamed of owning the holy grail of sissys, but they always seemed out of reach. Had the good fortune of finding a guy on Ebay who bends his own bars out of solid 1/2" square stock. We talked and after giving him my specs, he hit it out of the park with this. The builder was...
  17. spinman

    BC Colors From Around The World

    Hey All, Steve was nice enough to allow me to share an album containing the 'colors' of over 50 BCs from around the world. Some I know, some I don't. Most have their own FB pages. Many are in Asia, Europe and the U.S. If your BC isn't on there, let me know and I'll add you in. Just goes to...
  18. spinman

    Who's the banana seat recovering Guru?

    I know about Pete @ Hyper-formance, who's the King of correct Schwinn seats.. I've got non Schwinn material I'd like to get fitted over a pan. Thx
  19. spinman

    Ruff Cycles frames are now in the US!

    The Smyinz frame. He quoted me $449 delivered to NJ, which seems really cheap.
  20. spinman

    gCg - go Cruisers Go frames on FB

    I think they're out of Michigan. This one is $400 with the steel insert or $300 w/o plus shipping