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  1. Raoul Dude

    I need some cables and housings

    Any shifter cable HOUSING should fit the Varsity guides, depending on how we want to define "fit." ;) Some newer housings may be a bit too SMALL for the guides and rattle when you hit a bump. I solved that problem on a newer beach cruiser with about two wraps of electrical tape around the...
  2. Raoul Dude

    I need some cables and housings

    Cables and housings are pretty basic: brake cables and brake housings are usually larger in diameter because there's more force involved, shifter cables and shift housings are usually smaller. They're usually sold by name, not size, unless someone has a much newer frame with cable guides that...
  3. Raoul Dude

    first felt army bike

    If this is the bike you're looking for.... came out in 2007 or 2008, so it's no wonder that Felt is out of stock, and there...
  4. Raoul Dude

    Messing around with decals

    I'm QUITE sure that the Schwinn company is not going to sue ANYBODY for creating reproduction decals. When I contacted Schwinn in April 2018 in the hopes that they could point me to ANYONE making reproduction stickers for my vintage Le Tour IV, the lady on the phone explained that they...
  5. Raoul Dude

    What have you been riding lately?

    My latest project has been getting a lot of miles lately -- a craigslist Kulana cruiser with a triple tree fork and not one but TWO sets of brakes on the back wheel. (Closeup of the brakes over in "Macro Monday"...
  6. Raoul Dude

    About to purchase a cranbrook

    A link would help, but "27.5 W x 9 x1" is almost certainly the dimensions of the handlebar in inches: 27.5 would be width of the handlebar from one end to the other, the 9 is the height of the bar or the "rise" (as in "how much it rises above the clamp area") and the 1 should be the diameter at...
  7. Raoul Dude

    About to purchase a cranbrook

    Here are 15 pages (and 288 posts) of Cranbrooks RRB members have customized: On the other hand, since there's a 99% chance that you'll have to adjust, take apart, and/or grease the bottom bracket...
  8. Raoul Dude

    Insane: 1. legally considered as psychiatrically disordered; 2. lacking reasonable thought

    Looking at a couple of still pictures of his bike and ramp, I don't think those are "cranks" as much as they are "footpegs." had the previous page of that 1949 catalog: ...which included his full name of...
  9. Raoul Dude

    What headset do i need?

    The diagrams at wikipedia will help everybody with the technical terms! :) : If @Starnger is correct, and that IS a Micargi frame, it's probably NOT a threadless headset -- most cruiser frames still use older technology like threaded headsets...
  10. Raoul Dude

    What have you been riding lately?

    Spring took a while to arrive in Ohio this year, but yesterday I rode four bikes down to my favorite brick wall backdrop, one after another -- I'm sure I confused some of my neighbors. My latest find, an aluminum Kent Del Rio, now sort of BMX-ified: Last year's "daily rider," an aluminum Fito...
  11. Raoul Dude

    Schwinn/OCC chopper fork info needed

    I'm glad I could help, and I'm glad that something good finally came out of that somewhat rusty garage sale find! :113:
  12. Raoul Dude

    Schwinn/OCC chopper fork info needed

    The fork tubes from this larger (20" rear, 24" front) OCC version are 1.25" OD and about 27" from the top of the tube to the axle dropouts. Unfortunately for my short-lived idea, it has a 1.25" threaded steerer tube too!
  13. Raoul Dude

    Okay, should I do this? (2nd plan)

    That's the first thing I noticed: the Moto Cruiser has moto-style bars and what looks like a BMX stem which are usually sized for 7/8" (22.2mm) bars. To put a modern cruiser bar (which are almost always 1" (25.4mm)) on would mean replacing the stem as well so now we're probably talking an extra...
  14. Raoul Dude

    Forum Security ?

    It looks like this on my PC running Firefox Quantum 59.0.2: (No such warnings with Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181.)
  15. Raoul Dude

    Bike and Parts Shipping Rates Going Up

    My first instinct was to start laughing (and okay, I'm STILL laughing!) but that WOULD help explain it! Let's hope that the USPS isn't going backward in history with their delivery methods...although the idea of Pony Express riders in the suburbs, leaping over hedges, is kind of amusing too...
  16. Raoul Dude

    Bike and Parts Shipping Rates Going Up

    This makes me think of a bike part I ordered a few months ago -- map attached for the 99% of you who either forgot midwestern US geography years (or decades) ago, or who live outside the US. :bigsmile: I ordered a part from just outside Chicago, Illinois that was supposed to arrive in...
  17. Raoul Dude

    Spaceliner Tire Questions

    If you're using the original wheels, you probably won't find many red tires that fit correctly. Vintage 26" wheels aren't actually the same diameter as modern 26" wheels that use tires like 26x1.95 or 26x2.1. Sheldon Brown's site [ ] has all the...
  18. Raoul Dude


    Thanks, @Rat Rod ! I heard about this on the radio in my car, thought "that will be great for those parts I was planning on buying!", and then promptly forgot about it by the time I got home. :doh: But I logged on here, saw that, and just placed my order, so thanks again! :113:
  19. Raoul Dude


    That "misconception" stems from "how many ISPs still offer storage space for things like photos or personal webpages?" My first ISP back in 1997 proudly advertised their large (at the time) storage capacities for individual people's own homepages (that they would help customers create, too) --...