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  1. guy1980

    worksman pt folding trike - rear axle bearings damage

    Worksman Port O Trike Rear Frame has 4 bearings (2 per wheel) that are pressed into the frame. Noticed that the two interior bearings appear to be damaged, the inner ring is cocked out of alignment and it doesn't rotate with the axle. When I turn the axle, the axle spins freely without the inner...
  2. guy1980

    advice on 20" trike tires?

    worksman port o trike (2000s model), used for just slow cruising on flat paved roads with zero traffic to worry about. While replacing the tubes I noticed the bead area was crumbling away exposing the threads. Figured it may be wise to go ahead and replace the cracked OEM 20x1.75 tires. Not...
  3. guy1980

    Worksman Trike Front Drum Brake Port O Trike Trifecta

    Replacing the tires on a worksman folding trike (port-o-trike, tri-fecta etc) Front drum brake + caliper, singlespeed Removed front wheel Snipped off the drum brake cable because it was fraying I hear some light even noise when turning the front wheel's axle by hand. I assume the axle bearings...
  4. guy1980

    new guy reportin' in

    Hey guys, Have been doing some service on a used Worksman Port-O-Trike folding tricycle. Found this site by searching the web for old forum posts about this bike. Figured i'd sign up after reading a few good threads about a gentleman fixing up his tricycle