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    New space liner

    Picked up a "new" spaceliner today off of clist here is Kansas city. It was a one owner and has been sitting since it was purchased. It still strikes me when these bikes show up in this condition. :D Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    My new wingbar! NEW PICS ADDED Pic heavy!

    I am loving living in kasas city! I received a call today about an old bike. Well this is one heck of an old bike. I bought this one owner 1937 Monarc Wingbar out of the basement of the original owner! It is 100% complete and I believe it is 100% original as well. I know some of these came with...
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    My first 26 inch BMX cruiser

    Well it has been awhile since I posted but we are now all moved in and I am back to bikes. Sooooo.... I found my first 26 inch BMX cruiser. It is a 1981 Panda cruiser. The front fork is a hot mess, but I am glad I finaly found one! I am really loving Kansas City :mrgreen: Uploaded with...
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    Brand new Higgins color flow

    Ok I had to share. I picked this bike up last weekend. This is an original paint bike. It looks brand new. It has no wear. It is the single nicest original paint balloon tire bike I have ever seen. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    ML and AA finds

    I picked up a few bikes at Ml and AA this weekend. The Higgins looks NOS and the Kart was a nice kicker! Uploaded with
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    I saw this tonight and thought I would share

    Ok I was on anohter bicycle web sight tonight (I kknow I could not believe there are other bicycle sights either :mrgreen: )when I saw this. 26 inchs slicks! It looks like they were made for horse racing but man if you ever thought you might need one this might be the way to go...
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    Picked up a Krate

    She is RUSTY but hey at least she survived. :mrgreen: 100% original and it looks like no one ever rode it. I think the kid that got this bike took it home and threw it straight in the creek until I bought it. The seat has no wear and the rear tire looks NOS. Uploaded with
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    My Indy and St Louise finds

    Well I was able to buy a few bikes this weekend. Hey I even found a keeper, but I did not buy a single balloon tire bike. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    Picked up an Unusual old school bmx bike today

    I found this mint Old School Diamondback at swap and shop today. I have seen Diamondbacks with the decals before with names like hot streak and cool streak. I think the Mike D. bikes were even similar but I have never seen a Silver Streak until now. It has some extra cool part like the Tioga...
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    Found this SUPER rare Huffy on Clist

    Talk about a rare bike! Check this out. It is a 1970 Huffy Twin Stick 5 and a very very rare color combo of lemon and bronze! You are not going to see another one of these. They are rare as hens teeth! Not just that but I got to pull it out of the attic myself. It does however need a correct...
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    Todays $9.98 thrift store finds

    My local D.A.V. thrift store has a kids bike rack and all of the bikes in it are $9.98. Well most days they have nothing interesting but today was pretty darn good. I bought the Jesse James for $9.98 and on Wednesday I bought the two stingrays for $20.00 plus tax at the same store! I am going to...
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    What is this BMX bike

    Any idea what this is? THIS IS THE ONLY PIC I Have Thanks Josh Uploaded with
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    100 mile round trip for this cl find

    Ok now I know it was a long drive but I called wal mart before I left ans as it turns out if you need one of these lights you can't just go buy one. LoL :mrgreen: I think I will part out the rest of the bikes. Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    Picked up a cool parts bike this weekend at Trexlertown

    Went to Trexlertown for the bike swap this weekend. I bought 7 bikes, but this one is my favorite. It is a 1936 Schwinn with a henderson heradbadge. Uploaded with
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    Started to detail krate :)

    Ok I did not change any parts. I have added a few of the missing parts out of my parts bin. I think the wheels and the rear tire cleaned up pretty good. Now I just need to hunt up a good guard and I will be done. Before Uploaded with After Uploaded with
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    My ML and AA finds

    I bought these at Memory Lane and Ann Arbor. I had to take pics upstairs and down as it will not stop raining and I can't get these biks outside. Here is a quick list. 1. Phantom 2. Phantom 3. B6 4. Panther 5. Krate parts 6. wasp 7. Hornet w/ springer 8. Hornet 9. Higgins 10. Another restored...
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    WoW!! Found a Foremost Swinger yeaterday in Kansas City!!

    I am pretty happy about this! I am sitting here is bloomington indiana and the phone rings. It is a friend in Kansas City and he says he found this bike and wanted to know if I wanted it. I said OH LORD YES!! I sent my sister over to his house and had her pay him and pick it up for me. I will...
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    More bikes HUTCH SCHWINN and HONDA! april 21st

    Ok I found a few more bikes today. The Hutch Trickstar is my second favorite after the hard tail honda z50. Man what a week of bikes! Oh and today also included a 5 speed stingray but it is in parts. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded...
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    And another Orange Krate

    Ok found my second orange krate of the week today. It is going to need a little work but it still has its original orange line rear tire. I think it will clean up pretty well. Sorry about the bad picture. This was purchased for me in Colorado at an antique mall and I only have the cell phone...
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    And an afternoon orange krate

    Well as long as I am at it I picked this orange krate up yesterday afternoon. It has been painted with pete paint and all of the chrome has been rechromed. Looks pretty darn good. I guess this is just my week. :D Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with...