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  1. bikesntrikes

    Mead Cycle Co Crusader-Ranger

    Trying to thin out my heard. Need to know if this bike is original or is it a repro?? What's the value? Thanks.
  2. bikesntrikes

    To sell or not to sell...

    I've been pondering this question for the last few days. I have a small bicycle collection that I've ammassed over the last few years. The bikes are not rare, but are of vintage. I have a little over a dozen bikes that I'm thinking about selling. This will leave me with 4-5 others to keep...
  3. bikesntrikes

    What's wrong with this?

    I couldn't stop laughing when I took the pictures.
  4. bikesntrikes

    What can you tell me about this Shelby?

    My recent find. It's a Shelby Flying Cloud, 26". Has a horn in the tank and rear dropouts. Obviously missing the original wheel, fender and chainguard. How hard are they to find?
  5. bikesntrikes

    Dryspell broken

    Picked up two bikes at the Turlock swap meet this past Sunday. Hiawatha on the left and an Evans on the right. I'd like to find original fenders, tank, sprocket, light and rear rack for the Hiawatha. The Evans is complete and might be sold to fund the parts for the Hiawatha. Can anyone tell...
  6. bikesntrikes

    Child's "Rickshaw" tricycle

    Found this vintage all metal tricycle at an estate auction. One of the pedals was broken off from the wheel when I bought it. I had a friend weld the pedal back in place and then I cleaned and waxed it. Now it's in use at my wife's preschool. The kids love it! The bigger kids give the...
  7. bikesntrikes

    What can you tell me about my recent find?

    All original Humber. Year and value? Thanks. The rest of the pictures are here:
  8. bikesntrikes

    Mythbusters = Crashbusters Luckily it's a newer cruiser.
  9. bikesntrikes

    Anyone looking for a project? 1946-48 Dodge Coupe

    I have no idea as to the exact year of this vehicle. They were the same from 1946-1948. The PO said that it was a 1946. However, the original owner's manual has "1947" written on the front cover. This appears to be a Custom Series Club Coupe because of the quarter windows and rear seat. The car...
  10. bikesntrikes

    Looking for help with value on two bikes

    It's been a while since I've posted. Today, while driving around, I came up on a guy selling a lot of bike. He had only two that sparked my interest. The first is a Columbia 24" girls bike. All original. Not a skip tooth. The rear fender isn't really straight, but straight enough. The...
  11. bikesntrikes

    1932 Ford Roadster fiberglass scale replica

    I bought this a few months ago with intentions of building it as a pull/push wagon for my 4 year old son. I had him climb in to see if he'll fit and he doesn't. His tall for his age. So, with that, I have no use for it. The fiberglass is in great shape with no cracks or major holes to fill...
  12. bikesntrikes

    Harvard Deluxe

    I bought this gem at a local estate auction this past Saturday. It's a well preserved Harvard Deluxe. More info here: Looks to be a one-owner bike. Skiptooth and rear New Departure. It has a horn and light. Need to...
  13. bikesntrikes

    Harvard Deluxe info needed

    This women's bike is coming up a local estate auction. I haven't looked at it in person, but I will tomorrow. The website lists it as a Harvard Deluxe. The chainguard appears to be Schwinnesque??? It's a skip tooth and has a bar running through the handlebars. If someone could provide me...
  14. bikesntrikes

    Just finished this wagon

    I started this wagon a few years ago. It was a cheap Chinese wagon that I got somewhere. Paint was stripped. Repainted with House of Kolors Candy Blue (although it looks purple). The trailer is an old JD pedal tractor trailer that was adapted to fit. Trailer parts and wheels from Radio...
  15. bikesntrikes

    Who you gonna call?

    GHOSTBUSTERS!!! This was my first attempt at carving a pumpkin. My 3 year-old son is into Ghostbusters right now and we even bought matching Ghostbusters costumes to wear. I thought that carving a pumpking with the GB logo would be a nice surprise for him. I may get another pumpkin...
  16. bikesntrikes

    Old gas pump and oil lubesters for sale

    I need to get rid of some "extra" things that I've had for some time now. Bowser 595-C model gas pump from the 50s. Missing one of the front light covers, hose and all glass. Faceplates are in good shape. Pump is straight and rust free. Asking $300. If price is too high for this pump, you...
  17. bikesntrikes

    Have truck, will trade (or sell)

    I got this truck to part out, but I can't bring myself to do that. It's a 49 Ford F1. However, all 48-50 Ford trucks looked the same. I'd have to look at the serial number to confirm the year. Truck is solid. Fenders are clean. Has 302/C4/9" rear end. Also has Ron Francis wiring that has...
  18. bikesntrikes

    Spooky (bicycle) Swap Meet - San Jose, CA

    When: Sunday, October 25th 8am until it fizzles Where: In front of the shop (Trailhead CyclerY), on the corner of Union and Camden Avenues. Buyers: It's free, no fee Sellers: $20 a space, unless it rains. Then it's free. Swappers dressed in real costumes only pay $10. 7 a.m. Set up begins
  19. bikesntrikes

    Behind Bars, Inc. Bicycle Show pictures - San Jose, CA

    The show occurred this past Sunday. 10:30am Packed and ready to travel about 2 miles from my house to the show. Arrived and set up by 11am. A few of the entrants. Another 36" Coker. And yours truly happened to win the "Most Original Bike" for this post WWII ladies Schwinn...
  20. bikesntrikes

    I feel like such an idiot!

    So, my 3 year old son and I head out to participate in a local parade in our 1937 Chrysler Airflow. We're running late and I don't stop to get gas, eventhough that gas indicator shows about a 1/4 of a tank. We get there and park. As soon as the parade starts, we get about half a block down...