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  1. assa9

    2 schwinn Typhoons

    I have 2 men' 26" 1964 schwinn typhoons and a mens 26" tornado. The first schwinn typhoon is all original except for tires. The chrome fenders do have some dings and the paint is showing its age. I would like $100 plus shipping for this bike
  2. assa9

    Lightning Dart tire

    Hello I am looking for 1 26" Carlisle lightning dart ww tire. Let me know what you have
  3. assa9

    Schwinn heavy weight rear fender or phantom chaingaurd

    I am looking for a schwinn b6 or heavyweight rear fender in brown green black or red. Can be beat up rusty etc, just needs of paint. Also looking for chain gaurd have other rear fenders to trade also frames 2 speed kick back yellow band (tornado) hookworm tire rams horn handlebars and some other...
  4. assa9

    70's schwinn varsity and schwinn cushioner handlebars

    I have a schwinn varsity that is on the short side for me. Has new tires and tubes and does ride well. Does not come with seat and post. Would like $120 plus shipping through bikeflights. PayPal only and feel free to pm with questions. More things to come Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. assa9

    Project schwinn dx frame or partial bike complete etc

    Hello I am looking for a postwar men's schwinn dx. Preferably complete but parts and frame are ok too. Let me know what you have
  6. assa9

    Schwinn parts

    I have a set of schwinn 26" cream s2 rims. I would like $60 plus shipping. I also have a 50s schwinn locking springer fork. Key is broke in lock I would like $100 plus shipping for it. PayPal is preferred Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  7. assa9

    B.f. Goodrich men's 26"

    I have a 1951 B.F. Goodrich men's 26" straightbar cruiser. Missing seat and post, also handlebars. Original paint. Mostly original except pedals and front rim and the tires. Skip tooth drive train. S2 rear rim and s7 front. Reproduction rack is included. I would like $250 shipped in the lower...
  8. assa9

    B.f. Goodrich straightbar reduced price

    I have an 1951 men's 26" straight bar B.F. Goodrich bicycle I need to let go of. Is complete (except for seat) has skiptooth drive train. Has the cushioner handlebars fenders in decent shape for their age. Cream and brown og paint I would like $425 shipped for the bicycle. Sent from my...
  9. assa9

    1951 bf Goodrich

    1951 B.F.Goodrich Guardian Bicycle. Missing forebrake but is complete and original except for a tire and pedals. Has a locking springer fork, working springer handlebars. Great bike to ride. S2 rims in great shape for their age. I want $600 shipped for this bike. Also included is the original...
  10. assa9

    1962 schwinn typhoon + other random parts

    I have a 1962 schwinn typhoon. I have everything except rims and tires for it. Has a bent springer but I have the original forks for it as well. The pedals are not original I do have the front fender wich is not photographed. I would like $150 + shipping for this frame set.I have more parts to...
  11. assa9

    Late 1940s j.c. Higgins colorflow

    I have a nice deluxe J.C. Higgins bicycle. Drop center air cooled rims, skirt gaurds, skip tooth chain and bee hive springer with luggage rack. Has a true candy paint job with lace and snakeskin graphics ( hard to show in snow) that is showing its age. Rides awesome now has a new seat. Has the...
  12. assa9

    1939-1941 Elgin

    Rideable Elgin men's cruiser. Has a drop stand and repop tank. I would like 450 plus the ride Sent from my KYOCERA-C6742 using Tapatalk
  13. assa9

    1951 b.f. Goodrich straight bar

    I have a b.f. Goodrich badged schwinn men's 26" cruiser. Mostly original except for one tire and pedals. Has the cushioned handlebars and a locking springer fork (and the og forks and truss rods. I would like $800 plus the ride Sent from my KYOCERA-C6742 using Tapatalk
  14. assa9

    SOLD J.C. Higgins 26" mens bicycle

    I have a mid 1950s jc Higgins mens bicycle. Complete and rides well. Was a skip tooth bike but wheels and chain were roached so converted to standard chain. The wheels are newer so are tires and tubes. I do have pedals and grips for the bicycle. Decent condition for its age. The bars have wrap...
  15. assa9

    REDUCED 1964 Schwinn typhoon and shcwinn chopper fork

    I have a 1964 Schwinn typhoon mens 26" cruiser frame with forks. Has the fenders and chain guard also has the crank and sprocket (chain wheel) bottom bracket bearings. Also has the handle bars with Schwinn approved grips.The front fender and chain guard are almost bare metal. Has non Schwinn...
  16. assa9

    SOLD x53 frame

    I have an Westernflyer X53 frame that needs a new home. It has nice patina and a funky repair on the chain stay. Has headbadge. I also have the rear rack which ill photograph shortly. I would like $100 plus shipping for the frame
  17. assa9

    Just got my Hawthorne

    I got a Hawthorne finally thanks to @Crassly. So I threw it together quickly and rode straight to the spot that inspired my want of the bicycle 37th and Hawthorne blvd here in Portland. I know the chain guard is wrong right now but ill modify it to fit later. If you look closely you can see the...
  18. assa9

    Is this a Rollfast?

    Hello I have a question regarding this bicycle. Is it a rollfast bicycle. It has a bunch of Schwinn parts on it but it is not a Schwinn. Its rusty and most likely an early post war bicycle. I can take more photos if needed. Any help would be appreciated. Also it does not look like my other rollfast.
  19. assa9

    How to remove rust and polish chrome very cheap

    Hello a gentleman showed me this trick one day a long time ago and it has saved me a ton of money and time over the years. Only works on chrome not on rusted steel. Its real easy and every one has access to the materials to do so. Step one is to get some water and make a puddle in some dirt...
  20. assa9

    SOLD Monark deep fenders,Springers,skirt gaurds (elgin) drum brake rims and other assorted parts

    The monark springer and mercury springer are pending sale now. I have a pair of drum brake rims that are in great shape. Perfect for a whizzer or whatever else you may want to put them on. They are 26" and have heavy gauge spokes. I would like $120 for them shipped. I have a Monark super deluxe...