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  1. HotRodJen

    they still find me ,1955

    hey everyone , about 6 years ago I made a trip to Posies hot rod shop in Hummelstown PA and took a shop tour. got lucky and they let me in the back room where the storage is which a lot of people don't get the chance to see . and up in hanging was one sweet looking Columbia ! never forgot about...
  2. HotRodJen

    miss you all

    i'm not dead! sorry for not posting or being active on here a lot has changed in the last almost 2 years . had headaches with the nova, got a puppy,i moved further into PA , had to find a job, bought a new car eeek. sold the nova :''''''''( really tried to focus on my art started up my own...
  3. HotRodJen

    July 24th MSD cookout &ride NJ

    The main street dropouts are doing a july ride as a cook out and ride in bridgewater nj . at duke island park , the park has grills, a pebble beach also trials to ride on .. so come on out if ya can we know its short notice. gathering starts at 1 if you want to eat with us :) we will supply...
  4. HotRodJen

    Kidney Stew - together but not done

    hi everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well i just cant stay still , i finished the Old News and told myself oh ill just wait and do the schwinn next... thats going to be a long build and im already gettin antsy to do something, been kicking the idea about doing the build off couldnt bring myself to use...
  5. HotRodJen

    J.C. Higgins help

    i have a early 50's J.C. Higgins colorflow and it wont stop when i try to brake so i want to clean it out and put it back together again , its a skip tooth bike and the brake arm says jc higgins on it theres no model number on the hub anywhere , was wondering if anyone has a diagram for jc...
  6. HotRodJen

    Old News Derby build

    This Derby came to me by a old man who knew i liked bicycles , it was going to the scrap yard! someone called him up to scrap it , and instead of taking it to the yard he brought it to me the only thing that was wrong with this bicycle is the front wheel was bent . Before ... and after many...
  7. HotRodJen

    ride june 25th lansdale pa PICs :)

    here we are again Main Street Dropout b.c missed the month of may making up a public ride so much stuff going on here on the east coast but we were riding our bikes around ! So here is a June ride and we would love to have people come out and ride ! riding from 4 - 7pm after 7 we can park our...
  8. HotRodJen

    April!! bethelhem ride PA pics added

    Main Street Dropouts are gonna cruise Historical Bethlehem Sunday april 17th , meeting at sand island its a park , theres a canal towpath for nice smooth riding, be can hike our bikes up main street on north side bethlehem and see the sights , and cruise back down towards the island , hop over...
  9. HotRodJen

    Help Springer fork question

    ok heres the skinny , i have a 49 schwinn <3 , and its going to be getting a make over and none of my 26" bikes have a springer and i would love to put on on this bike .. will a new springer fork work on a girls bike? like a fork from any bicycle site etc ... some reason i think i remember...
  10. HotRodJen

    nova.. love hate relationship

    ya my 72 nova decided to hate me today , but i still love it . for the last 6 years or 7 i forget , its been one rocky romance between us , front main seals blowing, wheel bearings seizing, the starters going in the snow, fuel pumps , all the 9mpg driving but with all that it doesnt beat all...
  11. HotRodJen

    Old News..DONE with pics :)

    hi everyone i have the itch again! this cold weather is delaying my schwinn build a bit and i changed my mind on that whole thing , SOOOO if i wasnt busy enough with art projects and all i decided to take my idea for the schwinn and do it to my derby bicycle a old man up the street decided to...
  12. HotRodJen

    It will be mine moment ?

    ok so after seeing the tires i want this morning more then any tire out there i had a it will be mine .. oh yes it will be mine moment ... just like waynes world has anyone ever felt this about a bicycle/ bicycle part if so .. what ?
  13. HotRodJen

    Art and Bicycle Show! feb11 PA PICS and press coverage

    hey everyone this isnt one of my events , been trying to get a flyer for weeks but no prevail so ill just tell you the skinny , where i used to have my sunday rockabilly rides a friend is hosting a event for, Music , Lowbrow art and custom/vintage bicycles . On friday feb 11th at the third and...
  14. HotRodJen

    Pepsi and snow

    i just had to stretch my legs today , its snowing here in PA with one inch on the ground and snow still coming down i just felt like going for a ride , i live in the mountains and didnt feel like loading the car up and driving so i went up (hill)and down my street and up(hill) and down my...
  15. HotRodJen

    im not dead! 49 schwinn

    ive been keeping an eye on all you guys and ladies on here i havent had much to post since i finshed the salt shaker and pepsi bike , my 49 schwinn last memorial day while riding the rear hub was finally getting on its last legs . the front hub axle was stripped from long ago and other axles...
  16. HotRodJen

    Wheels of time. this sat! aug 28th

    Hello everyone , i was approached about showing our bicycles at the wheels of time car show . that show is located in macungie pa it gets over 1500 cars in, hotrods,street rods,customs, etc. never have they ever ! allowed bicycles not even motorcycles into this show. So if anyone is interested...
  17. HotRodJen

    going cross country

    Alrighty ladies and gents its time for me to put the salt shaker on a roof rack and drive all the way to bonneville utah with my b/f, so i wont be on the board for little over a week, the salt shaker will have a traveling companion his mid 60's schwinn jaguar, we will ride around the salt flats...
  18. HotRodJen

    FINALLY! bike #13

    went to the das aukfest(sp) this morning just to look for a grill for my dads 52 chevy pick up i went along to help him out . this car show has a awesome swap meet to it and i love swap meets there were bikes all over very expensive some decent priced .. i really should spend any money but ...
  19. HotRodJen

    Help with tires

    Does anyone have a link to a site with afordable 26"x1.75 " tires ? i'm looking for my monark build the walmart cruiser tires dont fit with in the fenders, im not looking for white walls b/c parts of the bike are ivory and it will throw it all off i would love to find all black or even maybe...
  20. HotRodJen

    Salt Shaker

    this has been my first ratrod bike build off and its been fun! as i mentioned in the build off page that i build this bike to take along with me to bonnevlle utah for speed week. build link Bike:western flyer 26" female...