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  1. Jeff Carroll

    RBBO16 'The Final Countdown!' ... clock

    Finally got the bike done. We'll post it in the build forum. Looking forward to actually completing a build in the next contest.
  2. Jeff Carroll

    RBBO16 'The Final Countdown!' ... clock

    We totally screwed up and missed the deadline. Our project is mostly built but still missing a few key parts. Is it acceptable to re-enter the same bike in the next build-off? This is our first build so we're not sure what the acceptable protocol is.
  3. Jeff Carroll

    Show me your chrome plated bike

    1984 Mongoose ATB
  4. Jeff Carroll

    55 Faded Phantom

    A guy walks into our bicycle shop and says he's got a bike in the back of his truck that he wants to donate to us. Usually, this means they have a clapped-out Walmart bike that they don't want to drive out to the city dump. But, to our surprise and pleasure, it turned out to be a little gem...