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  1. CruJones

    Jet Flow

    I am curious if anybody is selling a complete JC Higgins boys Jet Flow? Thanks for looking
  2. CruJones

    BO 16 Question

    Hey everyone, are there going to be build off 16 shirts available? Thanks
  3. CruJones

    Looking for some info??

    I was curious if anybody knew what year this bike was made in and any thoughts on its value ? Thanks guys !
  4. CruJones


    As my first official bike submission, I have to has been quite the "ride". I spent all day navigating the entire city, taking pictures at historical landmarks, farms, churches, fields, bridges....but at the end of the day, I ended up at my old high school- literally two blocks from my...
  5. CruJones


    Thanks for letting me join the group, this will be my first build with RRB. I got into vintage bikes about 3 years ago when my daughter was born. I was looking for something to tinker with in the garage during her naps and after bedtime. So I picked up my first bike and the rest is history, the...