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    Wanted western flier buzz bike 2+1

    Looking for a wheelie bar bike. Western flyer buzz bike 2+1. Amf skeeter 2+1. Looking for something rough not wanting to break the bank to purchase a mint bike. Just a frame will work too. I'm planning on a full custom restoration.
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    Diamonds in the rough

    Nice motomag.
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    That' a beauty. Seems like every performer has the front wheel on wrong :)
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    Hoosier antique & classic bicycle club winter swap meet

    It' that time of year again.
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    Newbie From Southern Indiana

    Welcome. There is a pretty awesome swap meet January 27th at the Lebanon fairgrounds. There' always lots of bikes and parts there. Several members will be there too.
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    Vintage mountain bike

    I rescued this green iguana today. It was very dirty but had cleaned up very well.
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    Photobucket can photosuckit. What a pathetic way to run a business. Hijack your photos and hold them for ransom. If they had a clue on how to run a business they would require payment for future use of their site. Not to view the pics already uploaded to their site. What a bunch of scumbags.
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    Prewar schwinn

    Whoops! 1937.
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    Prewar schwinn

    I saw this ad on Craigslist. I didn't want to spend the cash but I couldn't pass on this bike. I think it's a 1973. I need pedals and grips. Possibly a fender ornament or light. Not sure what belongs there. Too bad it's been painted. I didn't even haggle on the price. The seller was a...
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    1970 pea picker/ 1987 Gt pro performer

    Sell me your gt then you will have the funds to get the 65 :) Nice finds. I like all 3.
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    Fastback slik

    I saw this old farm tool at an antique store yesterday. I notied the wheel was off a schwinn fastback. It had a fastback slik tire too. The tire was shot :( I did not buy it.
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    Now most of a radiobike

    Nice save.
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    That bike looks great. Good job on the restoration.
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    Anyone in Fairfield ca?

    The stickers are my favorite part of the bike :)
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    Anyone in Fairfield ca?

    My bike has finally arrived. Huge thanks to island schwinn for all your help. Some kid sure loved batman. Too bad the stickers aren't in better shape. Now I gotta lube it up and take her for a spin.
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    Electra restoration

    I just finished wrapping this for my niece. I'm looking for ward to Christmas morning :)
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    Electra restoration

    I used graffiti remover and easy off oven cleaner and a brillo pad on the tires. Easy off attacked the anodizing on the rim and it attacked the rubber tires. I ran out of graffiti remover so I finished up with the brillo pad which worked great on the tires. I wish I would have used the brillo...
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    Anyone in Fairfield ca?

    I have located a shipper.
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    Anyone in Fairfield ca?

    They might. I emailed them but the auction ends tomorrow and they are not open again til Monday morning.
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    Anyone in Fairfield ca?

    I'm looking at a bike in Fairfield ca. The seller won't ship. It's a 24" schwinn. I need someone to pick up the bike and ship it to me in indiana. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. The auction ends sunday 11/13 Pat