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    FREE 26" Stylyx bicycle frame (pick up only, Riverside CA)

    Free Stylyx Bicycle frame with chainguard, forks, gooseneck, handlebars & seatpost. Sizes for 26" wheels. Pick up only in Riverside CA.
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    Check out this spoke pattern

    First off, if any of you guys have seen, or done this pattern, speak out. For awhile, I've been playing around with the 3 leading/3 trailing spoke pattern on some of my bikes. Been also playing around with mixing colored spokes, for some "wheel art". Recently, an idea for a new pattern...
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    Show me your WHEEL

    I searched, but couldn't find an existing thread dedicated to one of the most important, but often overlooked components of a bicycle.......THE WHEEL. I think the wheel itself is often overlooked as an area of potential added detail of an overall bicycle, and can be considered a form of art...
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    Source for powdercoated spokes?

    Anybody know a good source for affordable black powdercoated 14g stainless spokes? Preferably a place that will cut and roll them, so I don't have to pay my LBS to do it? Thanks!
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    Who makes this front drum?

    Anybody know the make/model on this front drum brake? Thanks!
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    Fatti-O Stylyx bike

    I recently picked up a used Stylyx bike, so I could rape it for the stock Sturmey Archer drum hubs. I was originally gonna pass along the frame, but I decided to play around with it, a bit, to see if I could possibly make a keeper bike out of it. I figured I'd share some pics of what this bike...
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    Greatest posting ever on this site!

    Got me!
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    Where do you guys get your spokes?

    I called my LBS yesterday, because I needed to get 36 plain jane 14g (2.0mm) stainless spokes for a wheel build, and they quoted me $1.99 per spoke :shock: ! That would add $72 dollars to my wheel build :shock: :shock: !! That's insane!! What are you guys typically paying for standard SS...
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    "Danbury Mint Macro"

    Well, you probably don't see many macro shots around here, so here's one. I purposely chose a busy background, to distract the viewer's eyes away from the small clues which give away the fact that this is a 1/6 scale model, and only 6 inches tall. Also had to play with angle and lighting to...
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    Proposed new bike and seats from Emory/Aerofast.....

    I've just recently acquired some current info from the company who made the Emory's, which is now going by Aerofast. They also made the Western Flyer replica bikes. I've been looking for a new seat for my Phantom repop. It had to look new, but have the proper vintage styling. I bought a seat...
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    Need some trike 101

    Hi all, I have a slightly beat up Electra Jeremy, that I bought as a project bike. I though it would be fun to convert it into a trike. I don't do welding, and I don't off hand know any welders (yet), and I'm not even sure I would like it as a trike, so I'm looking at using a bolt on kit...
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    Wow!....Check out this customized Electra!

    Not my bike, and not a rat rod, but just wanted you guys to see it. Very cool paint job!
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    Today's finds: Phantom repop & Electra Jeremy

    Ok, been pondering the thought of picking up a Phantom repop, if I ever found one local at a decent price. Well, I managed to snag one today from a CL ad. The pedals and tires are non original, the seat is pretty worn with 1 broken spring, and the rear wheel is missing 1 spoke. Besides some...
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    Finally.....a CL bicycle seller's traing guide!

    Spotted this on my local Craigslist, this morning, and found it amusing: In case it gets deleted, here's the text from it: To all of you selling bikes on CL - $1 (all of California) Date: 2010-07-31, 9:54AM PDT Reply to...
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    Show us your TOPPERS !

    Ok, maybe I'm a dork, but when I came across a Flaming Rat Fink handlebar topper, I just had to have it for my Rat Fink. So, I started to wonder how many other dorks, with toppers on their bikes, were out there. So, show us your toppers, whether handlebar, fender, cool or goofy, let's see em...
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    Ok, which one of you did this?

    I've never seen this happen, before. I've always figured scrounging craigslist was all about finding deals, on stuff, and not to inform sellers that they are asking too little! I woke up this morning and found a local ad for either a 00 or 01 Taiwan Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe 7 for $195. The ad...
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    Newbie from sunny SoCal

    Hello, all Just joined here. I'm only recently getting back into cycling as a way to get the family outdoors for some fun activities. This time around, it's cruisers. I found this site while researching my latest bike purchase. A used six month old Rat Fink. This is my first ever "chopper"...