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  1. RatSchwinn

    Sabbath by the Sea

    So the event went well last week. A great turnout for the van meet. I hung out with some cool dudes and chicks that were all equally impressed by my Schwinn as I was of their vans. Some even mentioned that they too were going to start a beach cruiser build. A little inception happening there. I...
  2. RatSchwinn

    GT Robinson 24"

    This one I scored back in 09' This guy I knew had recently dropped about $800 on a fixed gear, and I asked "what are you going to do with the GT?" His reply was " uh... I don't know! ...sell it?" so my next question was "how much you want for it?" no joking he said "well I paid $100 for back...
  3. RatSchwinn

    Stoked in the 70's

    So this is what I was able to piece together. A Black 1978 26" Schwinn Spitfire. Messenger seat, and suburban handle bars for looks not comfort. New wheels, hubs, tubes, chain, and tires. I cleaned and greased all the bearings. Rides super rigid but looks fresh to death. Shortly after …I...