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    One Piece at a time

    Quite enjoyed this friendly competition. I brought this bike home from Minnesota with a few others. The bike was definitely used over the years and I thought it was some old farm boys bike. It’s a 47 Higgins frame. Early 60’s Huffy chainguard, a hole was drilled thru the frame to mount the tail...
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    Beach parking

    Today will be the LAST time I pay to park at the beach. Put my basket on because I can’t afford to live on the beach or park there. They’re forcing me to ride but it’s the best riding bike I’ve ever owned even though it wasn’t made here in USA. All I need is a board rack.
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    Schwinn middleweight front fender

    Looking for late 50s Schwinn middleweight front fender. Faded/rusty/patina in red would be great. I know I ain’t asking for much but I know I’m in the right place.
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    Wanted bantam bar

    Looking for convertible bar for Schwinn Bantam in Schwinn green. Have a bar in red to swap or would like to purchase if reasonable, the bar is probably worth more than the bike! Worn is better. Thanks Rigs
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    One piece atatime

    Hopefully this entry will be acceptable for the Buildoff even though it was originally a rat bike from the 60s. Tear down starts today June 20. Frame is 1947 JC Higgins, complete bike rescued from a backyard waaay up north. Rigs
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    Greetings to all. New to this group and enjoying interesting photos and twists on all of your projects. As a kid always begged for Schwinn bikes but families budget could not afford such luxury. One of my first real paying jobs was at a local Schwinn shop in Santa Ana, California in the late...