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    Kiyoko: The future is not a straight line. It is filled with many crossroads. There must be a future that we can choose for ourselves.
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    Scan of bike drawing
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    VITAL DESIGN BIKE finished

    :P VITAL DESIGN BIKE finished"DRAWING"HA,HA,i hope you were expecting the real thing :D
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    Hope it's not to late just getting started,building a polisihed FELT cafe racer style bike,nice and simple triple tree forks,blue 80 mm rims,drag bars,custom decals,pinstriping.No photos yet but will post soon,Happy Building. :mrgreen:
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    ELECTRA SPARKER SPL (new photos)

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    Aussie Dragster.

    Aussie Dragster.
  7. primestyle

    Electra "Dragster"Sparker

    Australian 1976 Malern Star Dragster, Roadmaster MX about 1978...
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    Electra Zarape "Grim Reaper"

    Hi,been collecting the parts for this build For a couple of years,got a Zarape Frame,and now she lives. Electra Vintage Diamond tyre front,Felt Thick Brick rear,Robs'son 80mm Rims,Dirty Dog Stem and Rotor,Cardiff Grips,Dirt bike bars.Hope you enjoy thanks.
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    Masi 26" custom cruiser

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    Hi,got hold of a Troy"Spray"Lee,beautiful bike shame about the paint job,a bit to loud for a bloke my age,decided to tone it down a little,added some Abraham linkage forks,Electra grips,Electra front bullet light,Soma rear bullet light,motocross handlebars,powder coating,custom decal set,Brooks...
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    pashleys green

    its green[IMG]
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    RustRod Australia

    Took a while to put this together,started with frame and forks 'Malvern Star',picked up old bits at farm sales,goes great.
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    country bike Australia

    hope it worked
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    new member

    love the bikes,great site "Make bikes not WAR"