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  1. Bullyboy

    VW Bus Sidecar build

    after riding my old Mongoose with the sidecar for a couple years I decided to build a new sidecar to go with a new Kona. I started with some 6061 for the frame this time to shave some weight off the old steel frame design.
  2. Bullyboy

    Add a sidecar

    for anyone who wants to give it a whirl, here is how I built our sidecar. It is based off the Scandinavian side bike design , which is not available outside Europe, and expensive. For starters the frame mount on the bike is made from a piece of channel that is cut and bent to hug the frame, and...
  3. Bullyboy

    sidecar guy from southern Alberta

    this all started while looking for a project last fall. I was looking at trailers for my mountain bike so I go go for rides and take Maya our bull terrier along. Then one night I saw a sidecar for a dog, on pinterest and that started the wheels turning, but I couldn't find a design that was...