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    20" crank 26" bike?

    Can you put a crank that fits a 20" bike on a 26" bike? The reason I ask is that my mother has knee problems and she has a 3 wheeler she has been riding, but it only hurst on the upstroke while riding, not when pressing down. The three wheeler has standard lengh one piece crank. I was thinking...
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    Why you should ride bikes

    Why you should ride bikes? It is relaxing. Just ask my son.
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    New girls schwinn

    My wife got me this for free Have not done any research, any ideas on what it is? With those rims, will it need solid tires?
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    Christmas was good!

    My family does Christmas on the 24th. Got a 115 drill bit set A Columbian bench vise 4" Park tool Chain wip Park tool spanner What did you get?
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    Coolest Comuters

    According to CNN. Not sure I agree with all of them, and most are a little pricey. ... tml?iid=GM
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    New score

    Just picked it up today, guy stated it was a 50's rollfast, but I am thinking 60's, what are the experts opinion? Sticker Metal not a sticker For my wife or mom.
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    Austin VW Novemberfest

    Nice combo!
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    Woot Deal

    Just in case anyone was looking for something like this. ... e-options#
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    Canton Trade Days 11/3/12

    Well spent most of the day there. I did not see as many bike as I did last year, but there were still some, and most were more reasonably priced. Saw one wasp for $995(sorry no pic) but most were ok. I really was not looking for bikes, but bike parts. Saw Greman 3 speed cruiser/comuter, that...
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    Tour de Fat Austin October 20th !!!PICS ADDED!!!!

    Anyone from texas going. I will be there w/ my rat. I am bringing the wife this year. Post up, maybe we can cruise together. This is my bike, it has changed only a little. Will be sporting a Brooks Saddle, a leather tool bag, and that is about it.
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    Chain Assembly

    Kind of a newbe question. If this is listed somewhere else please post and I will take a look. If you have to add length to a chain, more than a links worth, do you use multipal master links or do you put part of the chain back with the pins and links(proper for lack of a better term)? If you...
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    Electic Bike

    read this and thought it might interest some of you. Has some nice lines. A little on the expensive side. ... ric-bike#1
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    WF Buzz Bike

    I picked this bike up the other day, and wanted to see what you guys thought. Any opinions? I did not pay what he was asking.
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    The royal family on bikes.

    See the royal family on bikes on picture 9 or so. ... ?hpt=hp_c2
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    Tool Usage

    I know I am probably not the only one, but I was wondering if the more experienced ratrodders on the forum could post some pictures of how to use certain tools. In particular some of the more specialized ones. If this is not a good idea, just lock the thread. Thank you.
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    World Naked Bike Ride

    For those in or near Austin this weekend. ... kes_events
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    Clear Coat

    First off it this is posted somewhere else please just post the link and lock the thread. I am fixing to paint a bicycle (nothing special just and aftermarket frame). I am planing on painting and then clearing over it. My question: Do I let the base coat fully dry before painting the clear...
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    Ebay Purchase

    I know this may belong in some other thread but I thougth I would start here. When you purchase something on ebay and the seller is great, shipps cheap, and fast, but the product is a little on the flakey side, what to do you do. The reason I ask is I just bought some Mtn Bike pedals and they...
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    Another Sad Bike Story

    Saw this and just thought I would pass along, also read the coments at the bottom, now I know why cars hate cyclist. ... ?hpt=hp_c2
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    Some people are just jerks!!

    IT was nice yesterday morning and my son was asleep, so I decided to take a short bike ride up to the post office. Well as I was riding up there my chain broke (link just snapped, have to look into that later). So I walked my bike home (as I said it was a nice day). On the way some guy in a...