1. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Prewar Persons reflector No. 219 331 337 Tombstone red glass reflectors palooza !

    7 different condition original aluminum and steel bodied Person's glass reflector for your balloon tire bike , 331 Tombstone reflectors F and D are the lesser ones in the lot as they have more serious damage to the aluminum(see pics) I will GLADLY offer a discount for multiple...
  2. Tyberius

    Pre war / Prewar bits wanted

    Howdy! Newbie to RRB but have a small collection of mostly patina bikes. Big into original condition. Will be working on my first true rat this winter but was interested in a few pieces of pre war bits for some of my other rides: -Some turn of the century TOC pedals for my c1900 Kenwood wooden...
  3. Scribble

    RRBBO13 Lucky 13 - She's Done

    Well here is my entry, 1938-41 Elgin Twin-Bar. I'll get some more detailed photos of my parts pile posted up soon. This is just going to be a classic Scribbles restomod, all I've done since getting it was collecting as many original parts I could get my hands on.