1. bikesnbuses

    SOLD 1941 Columbia lightweight with New Departure 2 speed Local pick up in RI

    1941 Lightweight Columbia with what looks like a factory paint-over of black on a chrome fork? Torrington #8 pedals. Unsure if rear hub is a D or there is rust on the stamping is crusty,but for some reason I feel like I have a decent one that I will give with bike if found :D I...
  2. Steveo99

    Hand Crafted Hub Shiners

    Jeweled Bicycle Hub Shiners. I can customize in Black Genuine Leather or Natural Genuine Leather. This purchase includes 1 Handed Crafted Front and 1 Hand Crafted Rear Hub Shiner. Right now you can choose the jewel to be red, blue, or light teal. Each jewel is made of a high quality hard...
  3. K

    Hi from Chicago!

    Hi, I think I registered for this site before, maybe 10 years or so ago, when I purchased my first rat, a '56 Columbia Torpedo. Unfortunately, things change, and now I regrettably have to part with it. But I know it's going to be in good hands with another RRB member. Between then and now I...
  4. bikesnbuses

    Prewar 1939 Columbia Streamliner single bar project..NO WHEELS or seat included in RI

    MORE detailed pictures coming later today. Sorry..The wheelset is staying with me.. The fenders have been straightened out some,sill have seen better set of braces were replaced with nice originals. Only bolted on,no replacement rivets done(Couldnt find my nos ones)It has a mountain...
  5. Bike from the Dead

    (SOLD) Vintage Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale or Trade

    I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $450 or best offer. Local pickup in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I am open to all possible trades, but there are a few specific things I would trade...
  6. Bike from the Dead

    SOLD Bikes and Bicycle Parts Lot for Sale (UPDATED)

    I need to downsize my collection of bicycle projects and parts, so I’m selling everything that I don’t have an immediate use for as one complete lot. Asking $200 or best offer. Local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma preferred. Might entertain trades. Additional photos and info available upon request...
  7. 1970's Columbia "Tourist V"  Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia "Tourist V" Women's 5- Speed.

    1970's Columbia 5 speed bicycle. In good shape, and pedals easily. Has "BMA/6" Sticker . Shimano 5-speed gearbox and derailleur.
  8. EGB

    headlight bracket

    after reading some posts I was inspired to make a headlight from an old tractor light, surprisingly it came out great! First time trying to solder, cant believe it works... So now the question is how do I attach this to the bike? There is a large bolt on the bottom of the light, is there an...
  9. Mk3jetta

    New here, First muscle bike. 1970 (ish?) Columbia Super 88

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the muscle bikes and recently bought an old Columbia. From what I can find it's a Super 88 model, and is somewhere in the range of 69-70-71. It's currently all original in the original Coppertone Orange, but The og tires are pretty rotten so I'll be swapping some repro...
  10. Phil Fink

    Shapely 1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike Project

    1927 Westfield-built 28" Motobike. I bought this motobike frame &c. with damage, rust and missing parts, however, the double top-bar, special truss fork (arch or wishbone), and uncommon skip-tooth chain-ring (26-T), all caught my eye, as did the price. The condition may be what placed it into...
  11. Whitfield

    Columbia 5 Star Superb (Is it real or a RX-5 Reproduction)

    Columbia 5 Star Superb (Is it real or a 1980's RX-5 Reproduction) A Kindergarten teacher friend pulled this Columbia out from under her crawl space shortly after they moved in. Her and her husband have been patiently storing it in their shed. While helping them search for a Girls cruiser for...
  12. SSG

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) 61' Special.

    24" Columbia girls frame conversion, 80's Huffy regatta mag sprocket, Flower print seat, 26" fork, 20x1.75 front, 16x2.25 rear Moped tire. Scrap pile build with zero budget. Build thread here.
  13. scorpius


    For sale are 2 Schwinn Head Badges in nice condition First is an old Schwinn Spitfire Badge from the 1940s with the airplane spinning propeller design The second is a Schwinn Spitfire badge with the name spelled out that is from the 1950s would sell or trade either early one is 85 , later one...
  14. scorpius


    First seat is a vintage Troxel made seat , the metal is good but the top is nice and crusty The second seat is a Schwinn wide and large seat w/ Schwinn badge on the rear , this is a larger seat appx the size of a motorcycle saddle so must be very comfortable great for a bike , beach cruiser or...
  15. scorpius

    1940s - 50s Pair of Schwinn Truss Rods ,Bars , etc

    I have a pair of original 24" Schwinn Truss Rods , $45 picked up or would swap for a pair of 26" truss bars
  16. scorpius


    For Sale are 4 BMX muscle bikes The Bikes are a Mongoose , Chaos , Magna , and another bike All are in good shape and I would like to sell all 4 bikes as a lot $175 for all 4 bikes pick up would be in NY or possibly swap for interesting 26" balloon project
  17. AmericanMade609

    New Columbia 5 star

    proudly purchased from my local bike shop today. Couldn't resist.