hot rods

  1. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield 'Spitfire', BALLOONATIC

    See the full build here, in the 'Builds' forum.
  2. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield custom, custom...

    So I started going through this Westfield frame I got from Jeffry Olsen. This is so bad ...! So it's a wartime frame (1945) and the crank assembly is mostly blackout parts (though the original owner tried to buff out the black). What is super cool, is the hot rod paint job done in, what looks...
  3. steve9163

    Hello from NY

    Been a long time rider, not much of a wrench. I've been out of riding for a while, then I saw this hot rod at a garage sale summer 2016. Saw it, had to have it. They were asking $10, SCORE! Remindes me of the Cheater Slick hot rod I had as a kid. After riding this around my girls were saying no...