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  1. JaxRhapsody

    What can any of you tell me about a Huffy Koza?

    I picked up this bike to build for my girlfriend and at first it looked like your average 90s walmart bike; ashtabula crank, heavy steel frame, sidepulls, but on further inspection once in the apartment, it has things I don't often see on those old bikes; a 3/7 drivetrain, trigger shifters, and...
  2. horsefarmer

    Twisted Huffy crank

    Picked up a 1950's boys Huffy. Crank seems to be twisted as arms are not 180 deg from each other. Chrome is nice and I'd like to save it. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thinking maybe heat the non drive arm just away from the threads or the center between the threads to save the chrome and...
  3. CannonCam

    Huffy Buckaroo

    I know most of these aren't that sought after but picked this up and it's in real good shape. The seat is awesome. Anyone have an idea what it'd be worth? Not expecting any sort of big numbers but haven't found any others around.
  4. horsefarmer

    Big Boy BMX

    Inspiration for this build is a comfortable adult size cruiser with the looks of a 80's BMX bike. My Build off 13 entry started life as a made in USA, 1986 Huffy Savannah 10 speed Bike. This bike was purchased at auction and was most likely stolen and abandoned. Outstanding original deep...
  5. horsefarmer

    RRBBO13 Big Boy BMX (Done !)

    This is a 1980's Huffy 26" 10 speed Mountain bike of some kind. Abandoned or stolen and bought cheap at Police auction. Unknown history includes duct tape looped around rear tire, loose "dork disc" and rear spokes not broken but bent and loose (maybe stretched) both rims seem to run true...
  6. Third Gear Speed Shop

    20" Huffy build

    I picked up this 20" Huffy Roundup this weekend. The frame looks similar to a Cheater Slick and Swinger model. I'm building this one for my son. He wants it green and black so I'm thinking I'll go with a muscle car theme. So far I have broke it down and started cleaning the surface rust off of...
  7. J

    70s Huffy Thunder B.M.X.

    $100 obo. Jamie Burke Monticello ky
  8. J

    Huffy thunder bmx

    I just got this huffy thunder bmx, I'm thinking about putting it up for sale but would like to know more about it first, (year, value etc.) .... Appreciate any help
  9. SSG

    RRBBO13 Pastiche (Painted, Sneak Peek)

    I'm going for a classic cruiser style build and I'll be using this huffy as a donor. I'm thinking about something like this.
  10. partsguy


    After months of research, quotes, and lots of waiting, the NEW Radiobike wire schematic labels are AVAILABLE! Price will be $20 each SHIPPED in the USA. Only 98 are available, and a few have already been reserved. Don't miss out! New label is on the top, intact original on the bottom.
  11. Muttley

    Beater Slick

    This came my way via trade over a year ago. It sat patiently waiting it's turn and be semi-cannibalized for other projects. It was completely torn down and thoroughly cleaned and re-greased be for reassembly but the natural patina/crustiness it's acquired over it's lifetime was left alone...
  12. Muttley

    Huffy Cheater Slick - Class 1

    I got this in a trade during last years MBBO and thought about entering it then. I was knee deep in refurbishing my '65 Wildcat and '65 Stingray for last years contest so I decided to mothball the Huffy and run out the clock. There wont be anything fancy done to this, just a good cleaning...
  13. partsguy

    '55 Huffy Deluxe Customliner

    I know I have not posted here much lately, and I am sorry. This is a cool place! At the Fairborn swap over the weekend, I bought a bunch of parts I needed, but I also bought this girl...pretty ain't she? In my opinion, this is actually a somewhat rare combination. Deluxe 1955 Huffy Customliner...
  14. horsefarmer

    1946 Huffman built Hiawatha confirmed 1956 model

    Picked this up at Iola, WI old car show and swap. Serial starts with 6H so I believe it is 1946 model. Oldest bike I've owned. Seems like a Huffy Mainliner built for Gambles stores. Bike has very rotten middleweight 26" tires. Fender clearance seems tight for 2.125 rubber, were they building...
  15. franconuevo

    Huffy 1986 Good Vibrations Junker to Klunker

    I just love these old cruisers I was lurking here the other night, and was looking at a thread, "Show us your Cranbrooks," something like that I believe, and there were some entries posted "I have a Good Vibrations, same bike basically " Maybe the new ones are, I don't know, but they are...
  16. Nocash18

    80s Huffy Good Vibration. The Honest Rat

    I posted this bike a few months back kind of in a mock up form. I had pretty much abandoned the project because of some personal problems I had to resolve. Well, in the last week, I decided it would be a good idea to get started on it. Honestly, I finished this thing a lot faster than I...
  17. clerkkent

    Huffy Tandem chainguards- interchangeable?

    Hi- I have a 1950s Huffy Tandem (the curvy frame style) needing a chainguard. I see many 1970s Huffy tandems (straight tube frames) availlable; are the mounting points the same between the 2 styles?
  18. Nocash18

    Vintage Huffy Good Vibrations - Cheap and Dirty

    I found a Huffy on Craigslist for $20 awhile back with plans to build it up as my "nice" cruiser. I wanted to try and run wild with it, but I never got around to it. I had too many bikes that needed to be fixed and sold and in that time, I found an Electra cruiser for free (I might post that...
  19. Muttley

    There's A Lot Of Cheatin' & Buzzin' Going On Around Here........

    Late Friday night I spotted an ad on Craigslist for old bike parts and called to inquire first thing Saturday morning. The owner had to work all day so we agreed to meet at his place that night to check the stuff out. It turns out that he is a member here but doesn't ever post. He's a great...
  20. scorpius


    For sale are 2 Schwinn Head Badges in nice condition First is an old Schwinn Spitfire Badge from the 1940s with the airplane spinning propeller design The second is a Schwinn Spitfire badge with the name spelled out that is from the 1950s would sell or trade either early one is 85 , later one...