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  1. A

    Wanted: Monark Rocket 24"

    Looking for a 1956 / 1957 24" Monark Rocket middleweight (see photo). Differences from the earlier 24" frame included a straight intermediate bar and 8 hole chain ring. Message me. Thanks
  2. R

    1953? Monark Western Flyer

    I saw this when I went to buy the stripped down jet flow on Friday. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back and got it today. It's crusty but still has a lot of life left in it. I'll be taking my time with this one. Steve
  3. Tyberius

    Pre war / Prewar bits wanted

    Howdy! Newbie to RRB but have a small collection of mostly patina bikes. Big into original condition. Will be working on my first true rat this winter but was interested in a few pieces of pre war bits for some of my other rides: -Some turn of the century TOC pedals for my c1900 Kenwood wooden...
  4. bikesnbuses

    SOLD F/S or trade for listed items; BOYS Monark Silver King aluminum fork

    Original prewar boys 24" wheel Monark Silver fork with 6 1/2" steel head tube Asking $150 shipped in the USA or possible trade for a nice Delta Roadblaster "Rooster" horn or will trade towards a complete (Or at least lever/hub) New Departure front brake hub.. These are the only items Im looking...
  5. Tiffany79

    Help I.D. a Monark Silver King & a Firestone??

    Hi, I'm looking for some help with these 2 bikes; 1st one is a Monark Silver King, model# 4406 and s/n#0307527, also It has the 26" balloon tires. The 2nd one is a blue Firestone, it's aa girl or women's bike and the serial#A115878. It has white handle bar grips, a white leather seat and white...
  6. S

    Monark Complete, pick up in Portland Oregon

    Hey guys, found a complete womens Monark cruiser out in front of a house down the street from me. I don't have the means to restore or make a good project out of it,but i saw it and immediately thought of you guys. If you're in the Portland area, hit me up, I grabbed it and put it in my garage...
  7. Flying Zombie

    Re re reintroduction

    Flying Zombie (FZ) is back! Hello seasoned vets and newcomers alike! Some of you, many of you here in the forums are old friends and the lot of you rookies will likely carry that same trait for me and one another over time. I've been in the hobby about five or six years now, owning everything...
  8. allinyourheads

    Silver King FloCycle TShirt #3

  9. allinyourheads

    Monark Silver King TShirt #1

  10. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

    Hawthorne badged girls silverking with aluminum handlebars. Great platform for a custom build or restoration project! $250 + shipping from alb nm. PayPal only please. Shipping within the US only.
  11. Kevin Larson

    "Royal Rat" Monark build

    I am starting with a frame I found and going from here! I have worked days to try and get the seatpost out - details...
  12. C

    Monark Silver King Identification and Questions

    Hi all! I want to go ahead and thank you ahead of time for your help. I will try and get the serial number over the next couple of days to help out in the identification of this bike. I believe it is a Monark Silver King but it is obviously not Aluminum. It was my father's and he rode it in...
  13. Flying Zombie

    1947 Monark Rocket Info! [Any And All!] *seeking*

    So a '47 24" Rocket has just fallen into MY lap, and I have a few questions for all of you regarding yours! They made them into the Mid-1950's but the first year was 1947 ;) [and Yes. I am proud. haha] Question one: As I understand it, they were Deluxe [rack, tank, light..etc.] but to what...
  14. kingfish254

    1953 Firestone Super Cruiser

    Picked up this 1953 ladies Firestone Super Cruiser (made my Monark) The horn and light still work on it. I love the fender color.