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  1. c1run1

    70s custom muscle bike

    I have a vintage custom build , sorry i have no history but its a 70s chopper style build . It Has a cool top plate that's painted and pin striped that's flows on to the rear fender . Located in NJ 08755 Local pick up preferred . $400.00
  2. Geisha Gang

    Geisha Gang's Street Find

    While walking home after a few drinks, I stumbled upon an obviously neglected Kelsgau (Old German Brand) city bike, which was missing a rear wheel, saddle and covered in rust. I decided to bring her home and turn her into a side project, while I wait for some parts for my main build...
  3. bikebuilder

    Custom Swingbike for sale

    I built this several years ago because I wanted to get this idea out of my head and see what it would look like. The idea being a muscle bike theme taken a bit further. The frame was built without a jig. The upper frame is not 100% straight but most people couldn't tell even if you pointed it...
  4. AlfredJ

    Mile-High Hello!

    Hey! I'm Alfred J from Denver! I found this forum last week while cruising Instagram. It seems like a really cool community and the build-off competitions look really fun! I am currently working on a 20" chromed-out muscle bike with a motor kit. It's been a father-son project that I have been...