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  1. R

    The “Mark III” my sons first bike build

    My 3 year old son shreds his little stacyC electric bike like a pro. He’s been riding since he was two. But it’s made him bicycle lazy😂 “Why learn to pedal a bicycle when I can twist a throttle?” I know from riding that a solid bicycle foundation makes you a much better motorcycle rider. Time to...
  2. R

    My daughters first build

    My daughter rides electric motorcycles and just starts gas bikes this year. She’s been in the garage tinkering with me since she was born. We decided last year to buy a Lowrider frame for her and her 3 year old brother to start a build this year. We got our frames from Lowrider.com and found...
  3. Rat Rod


    Picked this one up on Friday from a seller on Offerup. The guy said that he bought it at an estate sale out in the country and the bike was hanging in the barn. Apparently people either didn't see it or weren't interested in it. Hard to believe this bike lasted in this condition in a barn in...
  4. 1973rx3

    WTB Looking for Kastan cruiser bars

    Just as title says looking for Kastan cruiser bars.