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  1. Jeff Carroll

    55 Faded Phantom

    A guy walks into our bicycle shop and says he's got a bike in the back of his truck that he wants to donate to us. Usually, this means they have a clapped-out Walmart bike that they don't want to drive out to the city dump. But, to our surprise and pleasure, it turned out to be a little gem...
  2. kirkpatrick

    SOLD 57-58 plate

    Few things picked up recently that I don’t need. Prices include shipping from Louisiana, 70525. Prefer PayPal. SOLD Seiss plunger horn, plunger is slightly bent, but’s works well. Very loud, I’ve been honking it around the house for a few days and everyone’s tired of hearing it. Cool patina, I’m...
  3. scorpius


    For sale are 2 Schwinn Head Badges in nice condition First is an old Schwinn Spitfire Badge from the 1940s with the airplane spinning propeller design The second is a Schwinn Spitfire badge with the name spelled out that is from the 1950s would sell or trade either early one is 85 , later one...
  4. scorpius


    First seat is a vintage Troxel made seat , the metal is good but the top is nice and crusty The second seat is a Schwinn wide and large seat w/ Schwinn badge on the rear , this is a larger seat appx the size of a motorcycle saddle so must be very comfortable great for a bike , beach cruiser or...
  5. scorpius

    1940s - 50s Pair of Schwinn Truss Rods ,Bars , etc

    I have a pair of original 24" Schwinn Truss Rods , $45 picked up or would swap for a pair of 26" truss bars
  6. PublicNuisance

    Bourbon & Blue (1957 Schwinn Phantom Board Track Resto-Mod) - voting booth photo at top -

    Build thread here - More pics after the description :) My goals here were simple, take what I had from an original 1957 Schwinn Phantom and meld it with some modern components... A classic resto-mod. I drew inspiration from...
  7. bikeyard

    1995 Schwinn Phantom Repro

    Very nice 1995 Schwinn Phantom Repro. Excellent condition. Very light specks of rust on the chrome that will come off with a quick polish. $1075 plus shipping