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  1. 1966Jerry

    Project Long Frame

    Bought this long Columbia frame of eBay awhile back. The head tube was wasted so I added one off a Huffy with some rake to it. Going to be a fun wild bike
  2. R

    60’s era cheetah

    At my better half’s parents in another town, mother in law loves dump runs as much as I do (grew up poor in a rural area, only place to find parts to replace the ones I was always breaking😂) This dump let’s you pick and I had told her I was looking for bike stuff among other things. As I’m...
  3. R

    The “Mark III” my sons first bike build

    My 3 year old son shreds his little stacyC electric bike like a pro. He’s been riding since he was two. But it’s made him bicycle lazy😂 “Why learn to pedal a bicycle when I can twist a throttle?” I know from riding that a solid bicycle foundation makes you a much better motorcycle rider. Time to...
  4. bikesnbuses

    Parting out rare 1936 Hawthorne Zep deluxe prewar

    Now a part out.. Rack,chainguard,reflector and seat all SOLD I WILL be posting parts/prices in a few hours It comes with the parts: Zep fined light,no lens Trussrods Correct rack reflector Extra crank Better fenders(original Ones are badly rusted on ends) Kickstand I do not have a key...
  5. S

    Monark Complete, pick up in Portland Oregon

    Hey guys, found a complete womens Monark cruiser out in front of a house down the street from me. I don't have the means to restore or make a good project out of it,but i saw it and immediately thought of you guys. If you're in the Portland area, hit me up, I grabbed it and put it in my garage...