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  1. Glen

    Sidebolt - WBO 2017

    the saga continues... Previously on Sidebolt - the original thread… http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/sidebolt.91986/ DISCLAIMER: I'll endeavour to get this monster rideable, but be warned, it might not get done due to my predicament of having to find another house to rent...
  2. I

    JC Higgins JetFlow

    Just was cleaning out my wifes grandfathers back yard and found this gem ;) I need some pedals, a chain, rear reflectors, grips, seat, and tank but i love it as-is.... If you have some crusty parts to match that I need PM me.
  3. s1cks66

    Morpheus, Oneiros, The Lord Shaper

    Okay, so I was mulling around about how I absolutely NEEDED a bike for this summer. Some friends and I have been eyeing a couple of trails around my area, and on top of that, I get an email from RRB.com. (an online presence that I honestly have been neglecting since my previous Build Off...
  4. Original TRM Spaceliner Convertible

    Original TRM Spaceliner Convertible

    The original Spaceliner Convertible. This is the bike that first gave me the idea to create the TRM Convertible Tanks!
  5. 1957 Schwinn Wasp Convertible

    1957 Schwinn Wasp Convertible

    1957 Schwinn Wasp Convertible at the 2016 Get-A-Grip show in Cleveland TN.