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  1. Jeff Carroll

    55 Faded Phantom

    A guy walks into our bicycle shop and says he's got a bike in the back of his truck that he wants to donate to us. Usually, this means they have a clapped-out Walmart bike that they don't want to drive out to the city dump. But, to our surprise and pleasure, it turned out to be a little gem...
  2. L

    Electric Led Sled

    Hey there. Been quietly browsing the site and finished up a highly-customized Hard Times frame from The Cruiser Shop in Campbell California that my son and I motorized to look like a 1950s lead sled. Really happy with how it turned out so we wrote a blog post about the design and build process...
  3. Paulywood

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat

    Custom Phat Cycles Super Stretch 8 Speed w/ Internal Hub & Passenger Rear Seat. A One of a kind Custom Cruiser. Custom Rear Seat, Fender, Foot Pegs, Sissy Bar & More. Can hold up to 260 lbs. Metallic blue w/ metallic white ghost flames. Custom Rear tire is a fat 4 1/4” wide. Custom lay...
  4. BobbyStillz

    1945 Westfield 'Spitfire', BALLOONATIC

    See the full build here, in the 'Builds' forum. http://www.ratrodbikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/1945-westfield-custom-custom.108452/
  5. Riley McMurray

    Looking for Vintage Track Wheelset and Need Advice

    I'm looking for a vintage track wheel set but don't know anything about them. Are they super hard to find? What were some of the best and worst brands? Is it possible to find wheel sets that aren't tubular? What is the price range generally? Thanks for any advice you can offer! :)
  6. 20180101_165119


  7. Rat Rod


    I'm trying out a new print on demand service for my shirt designs and decided to load up the RRB online store with 9 of them that I think people will like. These are available in several colors, sizes and shirt styles. Prices vary depending on style, size, etc. Click here to see all of the...